The newly formed label 3MG (Mainstream Media Music Group) is set to release the first album from their artist Gideonz Army and T Haddy on May 7th 2013. By merging their artistic abilities, G.A. and T Haddy gives listeners Hip Hop, laced with the soul of R&B with this joint-album entitled ‘The Truth Unveiled’. This project follows the story of a man who had no relationship Jesus Christ, and struggled to keep his life from falling apart. You’ll witness his adversity, struggle, and pain which ultimately leads to his decision to give up and turn his life over to Christ. However, the story does not stop there! listen as T Haddy and G.A dive into conversations and struggles that many Christians may feel uncomfortable in sharing, or chooses to pretend doesn’t exist. This is a story; based on a true story, of submission, transition, and salvation! This IS ‘The Truth Unveiled’.

1. The First Truth
2. Truth Unveiled pt.1
3. Let’s Ride
4. Drunk, High, Gone, and D’d
5. Wake-up Call
6. Marvelous Day
7. Choosin’
8. Bend One 9. I Give Up
10. Remote Control
11. I’m Free
12. Security
13. My Defense
14. Looking At The Stars
15. On Go
16. Too Hood
17. Yall Too Deep
18. Jesus Piece Remix
19. Represent It
20. Truth Unveiled pt. 2