Crente Crew – Leão de Judá (Portuguese)

I got into the war. I’m on Earth but I don’t belong to it
My foot is on the sphere, but my thoughts in stratosphere
I know that here the life is for real, I’m fighting for the eternal
I was chosen and that’s why I live. I dream and believe. Compromise

I hear the roar. The battle has come!
God is with me. The anointing has been spilled
The armor is ready. The gospel is my sword
Our jorney is doubled. There are people who masquerades

Because they are fake, they stagnate and do not exceed
Only cheating, threating and proliferating disgrace
Have been hunted nowadays turns to be the hunter
I live the Grace and the Mercies of the Lord

His blood has set me free, He has loved me first
My sins have been forgiven, my redeemer lives in me
With the angels I’ll be marching, bringing down the walls
In front of me the Almighty has opened the seas for me to cross

Lion of Judah (Who gave me Salvation)
Lion of Judah (Undeservedly forgived me)
Lion of Judah (I’m redeemed at the altar)
Prevailed (’cause He is …)

Jesus, the great I AM, servant became.
Humbled, emptied, high price paid.
With open arms He died. Obeyed
Letting go of his glory, this is the way he gave us himself

The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and End
What is, what was and what is to come
Resisting! Under his wing I find refuge
I’m free from condemnation. Acquitted!

King of kings, Exalted, Name above all names
Acclaimed. Beautiful. Honored.
He is coming to get us. The skies will open
Knee shall bow, tongue will confess

Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ, The Lord of lords
Inhabited in the midst of our praises
In your home: worshipers. In Coliseum: gladiators
In your hands, we’re rhymers servants


Living for him, dying for me. Emptying out, to reach the end.
Logging in my name to the Book of Life
After the cross my password was acquired.
I knew You because of hearsays, afer the tears I have peace in my life.
The black and white picture is colorfull now

It takes faith to touch the mantle and when I’m faithless I scream: “Holy.”
Lion of Judah comes to help me every time I “sing”.
And not only singing, I wanna go further.
The stumbling is certain, but also your Forgiveness.
It makes no sense to run in absence
The presence of the Spirit brings awareness
Because He is love and He will love me forever
Can’t live without the…



Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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