Collision Records has revealed the cover and tracklisting for the upcoming W.L.A.K. self-titled debut album. The album is set to release on March 5, 2013 and is available now for pre-order on iTunes.

1. Intro (Produced by Wit and Swoope)
2. Imagine ft. Christon Gray, Dre Murray, Alex Faith, & Swoope (Produced by Swoope & Wit)
3. Long Way Down ft. Christon Gray & Dre Murray (Produced by Swoope)
4. All In ft. Alex Faith & Dre Murray (Produced by Dirty Rice & Joseph Prielozny)
5. Coward ft. Alex Faith & Christon Gray (Produced by Swoope)
6. Reign Is Coming ft. Christon Gray, Swoope, Dre Murray, & Alex Faith (Produced by Wit, Joseph Prielozny, & Swoope)
7. YHWH ft. Swoope & Dre Murray (Produced by Dirty Rice & Swoope)
8. ABNY (Marty McFly) ft. Swoope & Alex Faith (Produced by Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, & Swoope)
9. Broken Kings ft. Alex Faith, Christon Gray, & Swoope (Produced by Dirty Rice)
10. Eyes For You ft. Christon Gray (Produced by Swoope)
11. WLAQ ft. Christon Gray & Swoope (Produced by Swoope)
12. Arena ft. Dre Murray & Christon Gray (Produced by Wit)
13. King In Me ft. Swoope & Christon Gray (Produced by Swoope)