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Trip Lee Answers Am I Really Retiring?

Trip Lee Answers Am I Really Retiring?

Trip Lee has just written a blog on the subject, Trip Lee will be putting a lot of time into writing and preaching but don’t be alarmed he said that he will still be making music! Trip Lee’s blog:

“Most of you know me as a rapper and performer, but the truth is, at heart I’ve always been a preacher.

For as long as I’ve been making music, my deepest desire has been to proclaim the Gospel and declare the goodness and glory of Jesus Christ. By God’s grace I’ve had the opportunity to use music to do that on a public stage. I’ve loved every second of it and I’ve tried to do it with excellence. Over the years, I’ve sensed God calling me and equipping me not just to make music, but also to preach and to write.

That’s why last year I wrote The Good Life, a book that dives deeper into the message behind my record of the same title. It’s also why I announced last fall that I wouldn’t be traveling quite as much as I have been. I want to learn how to be a faithful pastor, and that can only really happen in the context of a local church. So I’m taking the time to invest in learning from godly pastors at my church in Washington, DC. Lord willing, as I serve on staff at my church, I’ll also be able to develop more of the tools I need to serve long term in local ministry.

I’m trusting God that good days are ahead, and don’t worry – you’ll be hearing a lot more from me, from writing to music to teaching and preaching. I’m grateful for all your support along the way, and I invite you to join me on the road ahead. – Trip Lee”

Trip Lee recently announced information on “The Good Life” Book Tour Feat Leah Smith. The tour kicks off in Chicago 2/18.


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