After 2 year since his debut album Student of Life, Shane Kidd will release Learn to Live EP, available for free download on January 22, 2013.

Learn to Live was the closing song on Student of Life, this EP expands on the idea from the song. It’s about maturity and learning to embrace the identity you’ve been given by God. As we go through life we should grow from it and understand how to pursue our dreams with the right state of mind. But sometimes it’s hard and we get misguided and lose focus on what is important in life, so we need reminders to encourage us to live life abundantly. We have to continue to chase after authentic hope not wishful thinking. Overall this a Celebration of Learning who you are and wrestle to live courageously in your identity, “Renewing Mind and Redeeming Dreams”.

1. Higher Learning (Prod. by Foster)
2. Still Shining Feat. Lucius (Prod. by Wes Pendleton)
3. Dream On Feat. Erica Cumbo (Prod. by Wes Pendleton)
4. Not Alone Feat. Lucius (Prod. by DJ Official)
5. Living Today Feat. Duce Banner (Prod. by Courtland Urbano & B. Lewis)
6. Revenge of the Nerds Feat. Kareem Manuel (Produced by Tee Wyla)
7. Learn, Love, Live (Prod. by Wes Pendleton)