The cover and tracklisting for Ruslan of theBREAX’s solo debut ‘Carry On’ has been revealed. The album will be available on January 22, 2013 from Kings Dream Entertainment.

1. Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here – produced by Jruckers
2. Dreaming – produced by DJ Rek
3. Good Morning – produced by DJ Rek & Cheefie Cheef
4. Carry On (feat. Chellev) – produced by DJ Rek
5. It Is What It Is – produced by Jruckers
6. Turnt up Loud (feat. John Givez) – produced by Jruckers
7. Victim of Adolescence – produced by Jruckers
8. Swerve – produced by Bam Beatz
9. In My Heart (feat. Beleaf of theBREAX) – produced by 808&Elite
10. Kayfuem (feat. Arsen Petrosov & Rufat Skyway) – produced by Ruslan
11. Virtue (feat. Tone Stevens) – produced by Jruckers
12. Victory (feat. John Givez & Drew Barragan) – produced by Jruckers
13. Ready for the World (feat. Lecrae & Chris Cobbins) – produced by Ruslan
14. Thankful Now (feat. J.R. of High Society) – produced by Jruckers