Unashamed, 116 in the mix

Yes, B.E.T. done let me back up in this
Business unfinished plus my ending’s got an appendix
Menace to your society, lyrics full of sobriety
Body me if you don’t like these policies that I be lobbying
Sick of seeing them hollow hearted get swallowed by Audemars and automatics
I manually give them the manual and I know they panic
When I say Jesus or Emmanuel
Partna I was a cannibalistic fallible animal
People looking for change and they fooled us into thinking it was Franklin
You only get one shot and you drank it
The lost art of thinking coupled with our depravity
Got me praying he’ll free us from this Gravity
Now on a lighter note I hope that they bring back ‘The Wire’
Hope Lupe don’t retire hope I leave you all inspired
I’m rewired ironchest, tireless, I am blessed
With the Spirit that resurrects the dead, try and test, yes

You know what it is… 116 Unashamed
Yessir, and we out