KIDD – Fireworks ft. Tyshane

*Produced by Tyshane


Father god, forgive them for what they don’t know before the war that they can’t see. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Verse One (KIDD):
Ugh, Thank God that we still alive. Thank got that we know the lie. And i’m sick of ya’ll acting like the truth is a joke. 2012 was fake but best believe the end is coming close. Closer to the time open your eyes and start lining it up. Knowledge is to seek scriptures to see the bigger picture. Like M.L.K , J.F.K , what them leaders say? and why is it so hard to find us some leaders like that today? Now, lets give it up to the legends. If you believe point your finger to the heavens. Bless, you and i ain’t talking about a sneeze. And i still pray because the the truth will always set you free. Ugh, boy why you stepping on my nike sneeks. A pair of these come with nice fleece to match my nudie jeans. I guess money what we talking about , now. Or ya’ll be worshipping the large amounts , bow. Lord save us from this greed and materialism. This gold got us locked inside a prison. Ugh, i ain’t gonna lie your boy gotta eat bottom line. Being grateful , what my new years resolution gonna be , be.

Fireworks, see the signs somethings new here. Fireworks, now its time to speak out clear. x4

Verse Two (Tyshane):
Bless never the less , out here with my boy Chad. Chillin with KIDD this the outcast. We steady moving forward forget the past. We got no worries , forget the mask. I steady be patient , no complications, with my conversations, gotta solution , for the resolution , for that i be waiting. A new man for that new year, a new stand with no fears. Psalms 27 with no limits, I’m second , no gimmicks. Praise to the top , no senate. If it’s for my savior, i go get it , get it? Ya’ll lost betta get with it , fake news politics kick it. We just tryna make sense to the room , this ain’t hard math homie, 2×2.

Fireworks, see the signs somethings new here. Fireworks, now its time to speak out clear. x4


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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