Gowe – Magneto

*Produced by Complex Studios

Gowe’s first single of 2013 available on iTunes soon


Verse 1
The thunder & the lighting & with flashes in the sky
the rain drops drop and impels me in my eyes I tried
to take a look but I’m blinded in the pride and
the paper that I hold folds and turned into a kite
Yeah then it flies into the night
I hold the chord tighter while It lifts me off my feet
Then I try hard to believe Cause what I see shining
goes beyond all my beats while I’m bobbing
and I’m weaving through the skyline
I see my past hurts painted on a cloud nine
And when I touched it I could feel other flyers
That are feeling all the same hurts – going through the fire
And I’m reminded there’s a purpose for the music
and a clear cut reason I’ve been blessed so to use it
And so I stand tall never to abuse it
Fly through the skyfall flash flood the foolish

Wherever it is, maybe its time to go
maybe I’ll see you again
If i ever lose control, don’t let me stay

Verse 2
The jet planes fly and they circle all around me
Telling me I’m lost with intentions to de-route me
Before I take a bow – wave my fingers to the crowd
A couple ‘see you laters’ and ‘I’ll catch you in a while’
I feel the demons and they’re fiendin’ to deceive
Feeding me elixirs that’ll damage all my teeth
So when I try to eat there is nothing I could chew
And when I try to breathe there is nothing I could do
Other than anticipate the worst of my abilities
sprinkle insecurities eliminate the better me
Until there’s nothing left now I’m feeling less open up the chest
to reveal another ‘S’ And I say another prayer to my Abba
through the storm help me to be stronger never ever to conform
Though I’m writing through the bars – I am living in a war
The danger to surrender’s getting harder to ignore

Wherever it is, maybe its time to go
maybe I’ll see you again
If i ever lose control, don’t let me stay

Verse 3
Got my heart on my sleeve and I never try to hide it
HyperGiant soul that will never go divided
When I plummet hard and I’m falling from the sky
I could never say that I never really tried
And every single line that was crafted in my mind
I thought about you first – cause I love you too
Free falling to the earth check two one two
Got a couple moments left ‘for the tracks undo
And I never thought about the diamonds and the bling
The shiniest of rings of the sages and the kings
What I thought about was the girl that would sing
The boy that would draw when the brush hit the ink
And how they never thought they could do
what they love and I take a look above
then I look into the mirror
Clearer, nearer, closer to the heart
Forget what they would tell you we could shine up in the dark!



Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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