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Album Listening Session: Ruslan ‘Carry On’

Album Listening Session: Ruslan ‘Carry On’

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1. Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here – produced by Jruckers
2. Dreaming – produced by DJ Rek
3. Good Morning – produced by DJ Rek & Cheefie Cheef
4. Carry On (feat. Chellev) – produced by DJ Rek
5. It Is What It Is – produced by Jruckers
6. Turnt up Loud (feat. John Givez) – produced by Jruckers
7. Victim of Adolescence – produced by Jruckers
8. Swerve – produced by Bam Beatz
9. In My Heart (feat. Beleaf of theBREAX) – produced by 808&Elite
10. Kayfuem (feat. Arsen Petrosov & Rufat Skyway) – produced by Ruslan
11. Virtue (feat. Tone Stevens) – produced by Jruckers
12. Victory (feat. John Givez & Drew Barragan) – produced by Jruckers
13. Ready for the World (feat. Lecrae & Chris Cobbins) – produced by Ruslan
14. Thankful Now (feat. J.R. of High Society) – produced by Jruckers


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