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12 Reasons You Should Not Become A Christian Rapper

12 Reasons You Should Not Become A Christian Rapper

Read the list. We’ll talk after.

This post is aimed at those considering becoming a Christian rapper full time or for a career.

1. Most Christian rappers lose money!
There are very few Christian rappers that turn a profit at the end of the year — very few. Most lose money for years.

2. You think booking is easy?
Churches aren’t excited to book artists they aren’t familiar with. There are hundreds of artists competing both nationally and locally. You have to be exceptional to be randomly selected. Most bookings are secured by relationship and hard work.

3. You’re expecting quick results
The first several years of this will require tremendous personal investment of time and resources with very little return or promise of return.

4. You aren’t prepared to divide business from ministry
Many people fail as Christian artists and entertainers because they aren’t able to separate ministry from business. You have to have the “stomach” to make good business decisions and ministry decisions simultaneously.

5. If you have the “God got it” attitude
Many people think that God will miraculously make everything work — no planning, strategy or diligence required. God will work for me while I sit back watch. Not so. God will bless the work of YOUR hands.

6. You aren’t scripturally sound
If you’re not sure where you stand on subjects like “predestination,” “election” and “prosperity” you may want to reconsider. It’s OK to rap about your life in Christ without discussing any of these topics. However, the moment you grab a microphone, you make yourself a teacher. Be prepared to teach.

7. No local missions and affiliation
If you aren’t working in your local community or affiliated with a local ministry, you may want to reconsider. Accountability is critical.

8. Poor overall motive
Is this a platform for self-promotion or ministry? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to be friends with other well-known artists? If these are on your list, reconsider. Firstly, you probably won’t become famous or become friends with these artists. Secondly, you’re asking for a world of loss and heartache to enter into this field for fame and notoriety.

9. This isn’t God’s plan for you
If you aren’t sure if God has led you into Christian rap, wait until you are.

10. You don’t understand how to produce quality
If you don’t understand that mixing and mastering are equally as important as your rap skills, connections, performance game and producers, you may want to reconsider.

11. If you have 116 anywhere in your social media
Dead serious. If you’re doing this, you aren’t prepared to establish yourself as a reputable brand and ministry. Sounds playful, but it only exposes a novice understanding of how to become your own entity.

Branding is an essential and integral part of building your ministry. Imaging, sound quality and skill set all factor in very critically.

It’s OK to rep 116 the scripture. However, if you’re trying to establish yourself as a new artist, it’s wise to stay away from borrowing from established brands. I think the guys at Reach Records might give a new artist, not signed to its label, the same advice.

12. You can’t balance work and home
If your wife doesn’t like it when you’re gone at the gas station, picking up your favorite gummy bears for longer than 20 minutes, then you probably can’t be a Christian rapper. Expect days, even weeks, apart from your family for little pay.

I could write so many more.

I feel compelled to post about this because I want to save you time. I believe God has called me to use the medium of hip hop to spread the message of Christ. There are several other objectives being satisfied while I occupy this position, but the gospel is the ultimate reason I am here.

This is a mission field. I want you to stop and think before you embark on this journey.

It’s demanding. However, if it’s for you, it’s tremendously rewarding and awesome way to live your life. This is simply a warning to those who may be misguided.

If you have thoughts or questions, if you want to challenge or discuss certain points, feel free. If you want to add more points, feel free.

Has this list helped you? Are you ready to be a Christian hip-hop artist?

Graphic by Juan Ginez


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