Trip Lee may not be retiring?

In September we broke the news that one of the most popular artist in Christian Hip-Hop Trip Lee, will be stepping away from music. The report was unexpected and left many surprised. Based on his comments in his mini-documentary ‘The Good Life’ and one of his tweets many came to the conclusion that his departure from the scene would not be temporary. Some couldn’t understand how a talented rapper in his prime and on Christian Hip-Hop’s leading record label Reach Records could call it quits. Trip Lee explained in the documentary that stepping away from music would allow him to transition to where God is calling him next. Despite that explanation some were still confused. At the time no confirmation was given on whether he was retiring or if he was going on a hiatus. His comments on stepping away from music in the ‘Good Life’ documentary lead many to believe he was done releasing music for good. After talk of Trip’s unexpected announcement on stepping away from music simmered down things got a little more intriguing at the beginning of December.

A rumor broke out throughout the Christian Hip-Hop community that Andy Mineo, Trip Lee and KB might release a group project. The rumor was fueled by an Andy Mineo tweet and a Sketch the Journalist interview that questioned KB on the validity of the rumor. KB said there might be some truth to the prospect of an Andy Mineo, Trip Lee and KB group album. After KB’s response was leaked fans of the artist began to wonder about the status of Trip Lee’s music career. Is he stepping away for good or is it just for a season? Many asked that question because it seemed like the emcee was retiring but now it seems like he is gearing up to be a part of another project. Things were not clear. Trip Lee may just have just clarified a lot with a recent tweet:

As far as music goes, I’d like to remind you that I purposely never used the R word. I’ll let you know what the future holds soon – Dec 21st

Trip Lee is stating in this tweet that he never said he will retire and that he will let us know what the future holds soon. This adds more validity to the rumor that Andy Mineo, Trip Lee and KB will be creating a project as a collective. Do you think that the group album will happen?

Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

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