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The Source Magazine Interviews Thi’sl

The Source Magazine Interviews Thi’sl

Thi’sl recently interviewed with The Source, one of the highest selling magazines in the mainstream hip hop market. It’s exciting to see Christian Hip-Hop get love from some of the top media outlets. Even more exciting is that Christ is permeating the culture through Christian Hip Hop. Other mainstream publications that have covered CHH are XXL, HipHopDX, and AllHipHop. Also Thi’sl latest music video “Motivation” was featured on 104.1 FM’s website, the biggest and only Radio One mainstream Hip-Hop station in St. Louis.

2012 has been a big year for the Full Ride music group label founder/owner/artist. In February he announced the new record label and the addition of Reconcile and Tina to the roster. Another accomplished Full Ride artist, Pastor AD3 has continued to produce quality hooks and tracks and is currently getting ready to release his second album. Also Thi’sl released a new album entitled ‘Free from the Trap’ that charted #8 on iTunes Hip Hop/Rap album last month.


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