Fedel announces the release of his next full-length album, VIP, for May 2013. After releasing his free ‘Members Only Mixtape’ only a week ago, fans are buzzing about his new music and asking about his next full length album. VIP will slingshot listeners into a deeper understanding of FEDEL’s life journey and builds on his first album campaign, “I Will Be Everything They Say I Could Not Be”. “The ‘I Will Be’ campaign is about the fight to pursue the will of God, and VIP will represent the action that comes with making that commitment,” said FEDEL. “I want VIP to motivate people past the struggles they experience in life, and push them toward the dreams and visions God has put in their heart.”

In VIP, FEDEL draws from his own experience of dealing with pain and disappointment in life, and relying on God to pull him through. The album will have more serious undertones then previous projects, and the title itself is a proclamation to how personal VIP will be for FEDEL.

“When you are in the VIP area of a club you can still hear the music and have a good time, but intimate conversation takes place,” said FEDEL. “The VIP section is for a select group of people, and in the case of my album, they represent leaders. I hope this album is the soundtrack for the new generation of leaders that are passionate about making a difference.”