Fadacy Music ‘The Outsiders’ Tracklisting

The tracklisting for Fadacy Music’s upcoming collective album ‘The Outsiders’ set to release December 12, 2012.

1. Light Flow (feat. Applejaxx, Trini, Int’l Show, Kid Dreamz & Mr. Coldstone)
2. 12:2 (feat. Mr. Coldstone, Applejaxx, Crossfire, Trini & Reza-Rec)
3. Ur My (feat. Odetta, Granger & Applejaxx)
4. GodChaser (feat. Trini & Int’l Show)
5. Lights Out (feat. Trini & Applejaxx)
6. Pieces of Me (feat. Applejaxx & Mr. Coldstone)
7. Toxic (feat. Applejaxx, Odetta & SEA-H)
8. Target (feat. Applejaxx & Trini)
9. Go Hard (feat. Applejaxx & Trini)
10. Angle On It (feat. Mr. Coldstone & Applejaxx)
11. Beaming (feat. Applejaxx & Je’kob)
12. THX (feat. Applejaxx, Trini, Granger & Odetta)
13. Grace (feat. Trini, Granger, Domingo Guyton, Disciple (D.I.), Chris Theodat & Applejaxx)


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