Home Features News D-MAUB Announces New Album ‘The Missing Peace’

D-MAUB Announces New Album ‘The Missing Peace’

D-MAUB Announces New Album ‘The Missing Peace’

D-MAUB recently announced that he will be releasing an album entitled ‘The Missing Peace’ in May. The exact release date, track listing and cover will be revealed soon. He is also going on a tour in the summer of 2013 called the Soulmatic concert series to promote the album. The annual Soulmatic concert series will kick off with the release of his 6th studio album ‘The Missing Peace’. Stay Tuned for details on dates and venues.

D-MAUB has become one of the most popular names in Christian Hip-Hop. He has collaborated with well-known artist like Canton Jones, R-Swift, Willie “PDUB” Moore, Pettidee and more. D-MAUB also owns the record label One Route Entertainment which is home to himself, Eric Cross, Knine, DJ KLASSY K, and Calandra. D-MAUB is known for his extremely fast flow and his vocal abilities.

Who would you like to see feature on ‘The Missing Peace’.


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