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Abenezer – The Beginning (Prod. by Abenezer)


*Produced by Abenezer

A single from Abenezer’s upcoming album ‘In His Time’ available on Christmas Day.


Verse 1
I grew up
Told I was screwed up
When everybody went right
I turned left loose thought I was tight like skinny jeans and a pair of Lulu’s
Chilling with the cool dudes
Framed for stuff I never did like billy Jean
Did Mike Jack my schools did me like that
So I thought why not deserve the credit in fact I took it all
Changed my school of thought
Graduated from hell’s preliminary classes
Thought my honours were classics
Matter of fact is
Took more credit than kids take for classes
Loans are massive
Abenezer is past it
His nastiness pacs matics as heavy as Nas did
I’ll, wicked is the heart at its best
Started off the wrong foot always trying to get blessed but, little did I know all I I had to do is less and let him do more with
this hip hop mess, hot mess what!

Round and round we go
Now we finally found the road
But it’s only the beginning (it’s only the beginning)
But it’s only the beginning (man its only the beginning)
Round and round we go
Now we finally found the road
But it’s only the beginning (it’s only the beginning)
But it’s only the beginning (man its only the beginning)
uh oh uh
Verse 2
This is, the revelation of my second genesis
The first, got cut like Sega Genesis, and the motto, YOLO I don’t, follow
Cuz Jesus put His voice on Solo
So mother earth, all of the advice that you offer, I can’t hear it
My Father is in heaven and the sky ain’t the limit
The old passed away, like my name was Cassius Clay now, all I do is represent Jesus.
I know many wish for a second chance in life but God gives everyone a second chance at life
If you’re living with regrets and can’t sleep at night
Let me tell you about Jesus, He’s the key to live twice!
If your hearts been broken, your eyes been swollen, from the tears your holding but they keep on rolling
Know this, Jesus killed sin on the cross so leave it
And gave new life to those who believe it

Hook Verse 3
Born in Ethio-PIA land of the marathon
The African horn, never slaves to Ameri-Cons
Sinning full time back then was my day job
Working over time tryna be the next Lebron, James
And the aim was never the fame
Banging rims was just my thing
Catch me at the park early in the a-m
Nasty Nas in my area /
Forget Hysteria, I was mad scarier
De-pressed at my best was blessed but never guessed it stressed to be impressive church wasn’t my best fit
Wicked-played around town with fine girls broke hearts like Cupid had an evil brother Mozart
Cuz I make music
Back then I really abused it Eminem was my therapist and Kanye was my tooth pick
Ha, I cleaned beef with his 2 cents
Pride and arrogance became my 2 chicks
Check that
Mic check that
How you feeling blessed,
Jesus is my medicine
The one and only Christ, offering eternal life and I’m nice cuz he died for my sins now I’m living upright
With the, spirit of truth running down my veins
Ecclesiastes 3:11 that’s now my aim
To communicate how time is, not timeless, here for a minute then you’ll never find it



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