‘In His Time’ is the debut project from Canadian hip hop artist Abenezer, which will be released December 25, 2012. The project incorporates musical components such as Jazz, Soul, Electro and sample elements from traditional Ethiopian music. The underlying theme of the project is time, and it is explored as three distinct avenues: a prison, a gift, and a destination.

Production and features include Wit, Ruslan of theBreax, Sho Baraka, and Eshon Burgundy among others.

1. Clock In (Prod. Clayton “Genesis” Connell & KC)
2. The Beginning (Prod. Abenezer)
3. In His Time (Feat. Ruslan of theBreax) (Prod. Abenezer)
4. Character (Prod. Abenezer)
5. Ashamed (Feat. Mekeyas) (Prod. Jos DaGreatest & Osky)
6. Beautiful (Feat. Abel Maxwell) (Prod. Wit)
7. Practice Hero (Feat. Sho Baraka) (Prod. Abenezer)
8. Rise Up (Feat. 4theWorld, J-Rome & Mc Dimz) (Prod. Abenezer)
9. The Prize (Feat. Abel Maxwell & Eshon Burgundy) (Prod. Abenezer)
10. Celebrate (Feat. Prosper & GPM) (Prod. Abenezer)