The tracklisting for Thi’sl’s upcoming album ‘Free From The Trap’ which is set to release on November 20, 2012 from Full Ride Music Group has just been revealed.

1. I’m Ready – Prod. by J.R for So Hot Productions
2. Snap Off (feat. AD3) – Prod. by Black Knight
3. I Needed You (feat. Brian Owens) – Prod. by Tony Esterly
4. Baby Mommas and Broken Hearts – Prod. by Cheese aka The Kraken and J. Rhodes
5. Wish Upon A Star – Prod. by G.Roc
6. Motivation – Prod. by Chris Burris for DSP
7. All We Know Is Winning (feat. Tedashii) – Prod. by Black Knight
8. Until The Next Time (feat. Fitzgerald) – Prod. by Fitzgerald for Studio78 Productions
9. We Blind (feat. Brian Owens) – Prod. by Geeda
10. Lord Help Me (feat. Bradd Young)
11. In The Morning (feat. Daphne Rice) – Prod. by J.R, Gene “Dmicestro” Payton and Tony Esterly

The autobiography is scheduled to be released mid December or early January, stay tuned.
Watch Thi’sl share more details on the album and book in this video interview.