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Ruslan ‘From Then Til Now’

Ruslan ‘From Then Til Now’


1. Please Pronounce My Name Right prod. by DJ Rek
2. Music that I Make Now prod. by Tha Kracken!
3. Reintrodution feat. prod. by Vataga and Nathan Soultrain
4. I’ma Christian feat. prod. by Jah Rockin’ and Mr. Noise
5. Bigger Than Rap prod. by Jimmy Natural
6. Ain’t Ready Domesticated Fathers feat. prod. by DJ Rek, Exile, and Sound Collage Musik
7. Jealous Lover prod. by Stephen Herrera
8. From 06 to 2012 feat. prod. by Nathan Soultrain and Name Brand
9. When theBREAX Sold Out feat. prod. by Motion Plus and Name Brand
10. The Gallery Tape
11. BREAX OVER feat. prod. by Sound Collage Musik
12. Feature Presentation feat. prod. by Name Brand, Hoax One, DJ Rek, BigJess
13. Scratching the Gallery Surface feat. prod. by J Keys, NomiS, S1, Kings Karnov
14. Praise the Great One feat. prod. by Theory Hazit
15. Who’s Perspective on Time Travel feat. prod. by Alex Goose and Dimas
16. What They Saying Now About Paper Jam feat. prod. by Willie B. and Dert
17. Overcome in My Heart prod. by JRuckers


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