Already Been Chewed is the design studio of Barton Damer. They work with a variety of clients including Nike, Rob Dyrdek’s Street League Skateboarding, Facebook, DGK, and Supra Footwear. You were almost certainly introduced to Barton’s work from the video intro and outro on Rapzilla’s videos on YouTube. More recently you were exposed to Barton’s work with FLAME’s cover art for his album ‘The 6th’.

Reach Records always does a great job of branding their albums. When Lecrae approached Barton Damer, owner and creative mind behind Already Been Chewed to create live visuals for his Gravity set, Damer instantly had the idea of turning the Gravity logo into a floating city that would rise up and orbit into space. However, there is a lot more thought that goes into the visuals than simply trying to make something that looks dope. Damer always tries to design with purpose to give a deeper meaning to his art and that includes creating unique moments throughout the live show.

“The Drop”, the opening song of Lecrae’s Gravity set on the current Unashamed Tour, sets the stage for the rest of the storyline woven into the visuals. The story starts with explosions being set off across a city scape. Gravity starts to lose control as cars begin to float up into space. Eventually a segment of this city scape separates from the rest of the world and floats up into space for an epic reveal of the Gravity logo. This is a crucial part of the story that is later tied back in at the end of the set with “Tell The World.”

This theme is intertwined throughout the remainder of the Gravity set in a variety of ways, but the connection between the opening and closing graphics is what Damer is most excited about. The visuals tell a story as the portion of the city that creates the Gravity logo catches on fire and is separated from the rest of the world for a period of time. However, the separation is only temporary and the city in the sky returns at the end of the set ready to “Tell the World.”

“I have no idea if people are picking up on this story line when they see the show in person,” says Damer, “but I’d like to think that after reading this post, it may be an “ah ha” moment for those who remember seeing the concert visuals live.”

We are proud to announce that Barton Damer is partnering with Rapzilla on our 2nd ‘King Kulture’ compilation. The album art and accompanying accessories will wholly be designed by Barton, with proceeds going to fight child trafficking.