The cover and tracklisting for JG, formerly known as Jesus Geek’s, debut free EP ‘The Story’ set to release on March 23, 2013.

1. Oh I Love the Gospel (feat. Mission
2. The Story (feat. Black Knight)
3. Leggo My Ego (feat. Fuego)
4. Get Down (feat. TODD)
5. Flame On (feat. X-Ellentz)
6. House Party (feat. X-Ellentz, Black Knight, & Mission)
7. GoodTimes (feat. Milliyon)
8. Scream
9. Dear Mom
10. Love Me For Me (feat. Always Asya)
11. Where I Wanna Be
12. Morning (feat. Always Asya)
13. World Famous (feat. Black Knight)
14. Rockin’ My Way