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The title track from Gowe’s upcoming EP ‘Summer Breeze Sonatas’ set to release on December 2, 2012.

Hook –
The sun sets with a light cool breeze
And all I see is beauty with a deep blue sea
And I really want to stay but the music got me time to go
Time to go
And when I land or am up in the clouds
I will think about the summer with a great big smile
And my favoritest Sonatas will be playing all across my globe
My globe

Verse –
In this world there are distractions, that’ll keep me afloat
I want to swim faster but pride likes to keep me controlled
With a higher supply of dough screaming and at a show
I could take trips with this flow but I’d rather take it to go
like spend it at home – with the wife and the kids
Maybe take em for a walk around the place that we live
that’s if I get married before my heads out of the biz
And if she down then she’ll know that I’m only using
my gift for the glory of the King, if there’s no diamond ring
She’ll still sing to my hooks while we strolln through the rain
Cause she believes in my ability to provide even If I write late
while juggling a nine to five I will still say goodnight
with a peck placed on her cheek
And If I got to go east then I will be back in a week
And I will miss you every minute – kiss you through the phone
And just cause I’m gone know that I cant wait to be home

Verse –
They say that real love is rare and that its harder to find
I agree – times two if you’re on a musical grind
So if you’re booking a bunch of shows and you’re spending it on the road
You better text after the show with your spectacular flow
Cause she will sit back in the zone – wait for the reply
Thinking about the vibe of your plane ride in the sky and
she will wonder how you’re doing
did you touch down are you cruising did you flow well
were they booing, did the tracks fit were they moving
And I will say yes, but im my heart im feeling blessed
beyond measure and the treasures just the fact that she cares
I never had dreams of a millionaire or thoughts to compare
My lifestyle to theirs all of my riches are shared
Through the form of a paint brush and a canvas
When my cuts heal and im damaged
I will spread love through a language that is
universally known – grab the microphone
But before I rap my verse let me tell my baby I’m home

Hook x2