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KIDD – Martyr Music ft. KamB.I.N.O.


*Produced by Miltron

KIDD verse 1:
Try to stop my voice these threats be getting brought up
living in this hell cell getting slaughtered
these street dreams got these kids getting sleep mang
imma rebel to the law i speak when i seek change
They tryna keep my mouth closed like a mime do
but i’ll die for the cause like the swine flu
Kill me, i been dead
Show me cause i seen death
Tryna shut me down, i don’t agree with you
i don’t watch the news cause its hardly true
Burry me in my casket, imma martyr for the father, getting crucified like Jesus
did you see his eyes, did you see his wrists? Cant believe this, they don’t believe that
Wont die for God but for a bag of crack
boy kill the noise that ain’t an act
how sad is this best believe that. On to death row heading to the end show.
Getting paid to be slaves but im dead broke.

KamB.I.N.O verse 1:
Me I’m dead focused….on my momma And my honor my persona gonna personify my father Though they slay me – verbally AK me, flame me with the lima I won’t cease to be a leader of my people – Hiawatha Writing history – my life’s a mystery but God’s the author So I’m awful sure my impact gonna be awesome as it ought to I got sons, I got daughters, I got problems boy a plenty I’m a human – I’m just doin what I can with what he gives me I got people at my neck tho – like mosquitoes in a frenzy Tryna suck the life up out me till like every vain is empty I say suck on….my passion what I’m stuck on Stick with it I must mush on – till I’m up up in my plush home Loungin’…..Covenant Army come in droves by the thousands Drivin by one mission get what God put in them out them And if you can’t get with it then two digits – you can count them Both the middle and the index have been flexed as in I’m bouncin’ Death is so refreshing I pursue it martyr music Spew it you chew it the nutrients you’ll find are therapeutic

KIDD verse 2:
They can lay my body inside of a casket.
fighting for my rights, we bouta start a mosh pit or a riot, tryna tell us to be quiet?
Turn us up loud we really shouldn’t be silent.
Why you whispering? You scared of all that sacrifice?
You scared to die for the one who took death to give you life?
We ain’t playing boy, id die for him and id die for them, that martyr flow wont die alone, i’m ready for it. You ready for it?
The end is coming, i see the signs start speaking up and stop be quiet.
I ain’t tryna hide my faith boy, yell it in they face.
Tryna stop my freedom of speech, I wont eat from what they feeding me. v Got the right to speak my beliefs so them radios ain’t playing me.
I ain’t scared of death, yea its just a way of life.
I don’t belong here buddy cause he payed the price.

KamB.I.N.O. verse 2
I’m livin’ debt free…so I ain’t gotta pay them no attention
Did I mention all the henchmen hell can send could not convince him
To Switch(foot) – I’m rockin’ with the rock of ages dig it
Better chance of winning at a game of limbo gainst a midget
Or watching a rooster lose a cock fight against a pigeon
I’m just sayin’ ain’t no swayin’ my decision – listen
I am on the verge or merging lanes from the middle to the fast one
Pedal on the gas hands are folded on my lap dumb
Faith – if I crash then that means that God’s a liar
Cause I handed him my will when I accepted the Messiah
And he told me he would hold me and would mold me through the fire
So you’ll never see me crash into a pole (see “Through The Wire”)
Kanye reference – sippin’ syrup – Kanye breakfast
Jesus Walks then Kanye exits took the road towards acceptance
So I guess it’s either or – robbing Peter paying Paul
Or believing and receiving my Jesus who paid it all


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