Domingo Guyton and Hope Multimedia Company are set to release a new film and soundtrack: YTF (Yesterday, Today and Forever) on October 19, 2012(film screening) and the soundtrack releasing on October 30, 2012.

Hebrews 13:8 states that “Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.” The Gospel is transcendent of time and culture. Even though the secular culture seeks to revise the meaning of the message, Domingo and HOPE aim to highlight the message of Christ’ relevance in this new generation. The film depicts Jesus in the modern world accompanied by his disciples who are hip hop artists.

Domingo Guyton seeks to bring the message of the Gospel into modern times. Doming adds, “The film is an urban tale that depicts Jesus in the current day. Showing how His ministry began to shake up the world.” Domingo Guyton, President of HOPE Multimedia Company desires to spread the Gospel through film and music. Domingo says, “This family-friendly film is powerfully relevant with the images, music and message of the new generation.” YTF film and soundtrack brings to life the stories of the Gospel in modern times. Many think of the Bible as ancient stories without present day relevance. The film aims to debunk this notion and present the message within the urban context.

The lead single: YTF Theme song by Domingo Guyton, B.F.r.e.e. & Disciple(D.I.) provides the theme of YTF. The emcees deliver verses that proclaim that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The YTF soundtrack features Boston area artist such as Domingo Guyton, Disciple, Applejaxx, Trini, Chris Theodat, B.F.r.e.e., Reza Rec, Lamar, KMY, Martay and Paris Fisher. The soundtrack features production from Chris Theodat, Kajmir Royale, EPIK and more. The soundtrack demonstrates that unifying with a cause reflects the unity of the early church.

The film will premier in at Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA 02119 on October 19, 2012.

1. YTF Theme Song by Domingo Guyton, B.F.r.e.e. & Disciple (D.I.) ||Produced by William Hurt
2. Give It Up by Martay || Produced by Chris Theodat
3. T he Mission by Disciple (D.I.) || Produced by Kajimir Royale
4. Love by Reza-Rec & Ameris || Produced by Derrick Battle
5. Jesus Anthem by Chris Theodat || Produced by Chris Theodat
6. Target by Applejaxx & Trini || Produced by EPIK
7. Rep the Name by Lamar || Produced by Nate Landers
8. Eye Witness by Paris Fisher || Produced by Ismael Debrito
9. Switch Up by KMY|| Produced by Kelly Yarn Diaz
10. You Are Christ by Epinero & J. Bless || Produced by Epinero
11. The Harvest Mr. Deep Positivity || Produced by Mr. Deep Positivity
12. Jesus We Bless Your Name by J. Newry || Produced by J. Newry
13. Work by Domingo Guyton & Jordan Felisbret || Produced by Kajimir Royale
14. Women in the Bible by Aima || Produced by YJ The Inventor
15. The Sonshines by B.F.r.e.e. & Ameris ||Produced by CK
16. If Jesus Was Here Today by JohnnyMac || Produced by Justin Newry