Corey Hicks ‘The Whole 9’ Album Cover, Tracklisting & Release Date

The album cover and tracklisting for Corey Hicks’ upcoming album ‘The Whole 9’ set to release November 27, 2012.

1. Classic ft. G Servant
2. Stop Playin Wit Me!
3. On Fiya (feat. G Servant and Blazon)
4. Gotta B Me (feat. Brandy Robinson)
5. Whole 9
6. Acka Fool (feat. Brinson)
7. The Battle (feat. Jerrell & Enlightenment)
8. U da Best (feat. K- Drama)
9. Liar Liar
10. Pinebox (feat. Stephen the Levite and R-Swift)
11. Twerk Sumtin
12. Inameeeez
13. Peer Pressure
14. Here (feat. Young Joshua and J. Johnson)
15. Middle East
16. Never Dat Done (feat. Heath McNeese)
17. L’z Up (feat. G- Servant, Jaleel, Titus, and Blazon)

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