116 will possibly release a tour album titled: COME ALIVE. The new single released over the weekend has generated buzz. Reach typically releases singles in connection to their tour. Let’s see what happens in October. Comment below if you think this is a legit or fake tracklisting.

1. Here Again Intro (Feat. KB, Lecrae & Tedashii)
2. Christ is my life (Feat. Derek Minor, Andy Mineo, Lecrae & Trip Lee)
3. I’m Beast (Feat. SHo Baraka, Tedashii, KB, Andy Mineo & Trip Lee)
4. Come Alive [KB, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Andy Mineo, Lecrae & Trip Lee]
5. Here Again (Feat. Andy Mineo & Trip Lee)
6. He did it for me (Feat. Lecrae, SHo Baraka & Trip lee)
7. Trip Lee Interlude (Feat. Trip lee)
8. Keep Time (Feat. SHo Baraka & Trip Lee) [KB PROD.]
9. My Lord is it all (Feat. Dj Official, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Derek Minor, Andy Mineo & KB)
10. Thee Anthem (Feat. Lecrae, KB & Andy Mineo)
11. I Love (Feat Sho Baraka)
12. If He’s Real (Feat. Tedashii)
13. Here Again p.2 (Feat Lecrae)
14. Word out (Feat KB)
15. My Click (Feat. Andy Mineo)
16. I Rep it (Feat. Trip lee)
17. R.M.G/116 (Feat. Derek Minor)