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Rapzilla.com’s Urban Leadership Collective

Rapzilla.com’s Urban Leadership Collective

We need leaders. There’s no other way to say it. And there’s a large section of young urban men and women that need shaping as leaders. They are eagerly searching leaders to hear from, leaders to connect with and content for people ministering in their context. God has allowed Rapzilla to be uniquely placed at the intersection of the Hip-hop culture and the church. We want to leverage that position to not just bring you music but to also bring you content from leaders that will help to equip, empower, encourage and challenge you.

With that in mind, we are excited to bring you the newly established Rapzilla.com Urban Leadership Collective. Every Monday we will bring you fresh content from leaders like Adam Thomason (Collision Records & Pastor of Damascus Road Church – Flint, MI), Leonce Crump II (Pastor of Renovation Church – Atlanta, GA), Rich Perez (Pastor of Christ Crucified Fellowship – Washington Heights, NY), John Onwuchekwa (Pastor of Blueprint Church – Atlanta, GA), and more!

The Urban Leadership Collective is kicking off with Adam Thomason’s contribution entitled Zoo-ology. Click here to read Zoo-ology, and start developing your leadership skills further so you can begin growing other leaders in your community!

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