Home Music Flashback Friday: Mark of the East – “Six Million Ways To Die”

Flashback Friday: Mark of the East – “Six Million Ways To Die”

Flashback Friday: Mark of the East – “Six Million Ways To Die”

“Six Million Ways to Die”
Various Artists
Mark of the East Compilation
1999 Severe Entertainment

While the first half of the 90s was dominated by Christian hip-hop hailing from Southern California, the latter half flourished with an array of talent picking up steam on the East Coast. This week we will jump ahead a few years from last week and settle on 1999, the year forever cemented in our heads by Prince.

Back then, there were only two ways to find out what was going on in our scene. The first, what we’ll call distribution, was to physically search the shelf at your local Christian bookstore, avoiding an employee who was either the opposite of helpful or was eyeing like you were going to steal something since you came in looking for “Rap Music”.

The second was reading about it on the internet. This means there may have been a lot going on in local scenes around the world, but due to lack of distribution or lack of connectivity, we may never know about it. Single tear. It’s estimated that during this time no more than 40% of America was Online (Get it?).

Remember though, in 1999 most people were still on dial-up and had to be a Novell certified Network Engineer to listen to music on a personal computer. Providentially for the Mark of The East compilation, someone had both the clairvoyance and the technical proficiency to post music on the internet.

Although I can’t remember correctly, I believe this was the first time I had heard Corey Red and Precise. I was glad that I had. In fact… so glad, that I invited them both to be a part of the ‘Fashion Expo.’

So… without any further fuss, rewind your mind to this unashamedly and overtly East Coast banger as you sit in your cozy little chair and stream high-quality music on demand over your affordable computer speakers that sound as good as a four thousand dollar car stereo system installed the same year this song was released… and worse… feel entitled to it all!


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