D.D.C. - "Plate Fulla Funk"

Flashback Friday: D.D.C. – “Back To The Basics”

Let’s move forward 4 years from last week and take a gander at what was happening with Christian hip-hop in 1996. During this era, it would be impossible to ignore Grapetree Records. Most people think of Grapetree as a Southern rap label, which makes sense when looking back from the future. However, you’ll notice things started out very differently.

Today we’ll take a listen, to D.D.C. which would have fit more appropriately with fans of Soul Assassins versus Cash Money. Although D.D.C. broke up the same year they released their first album, they did give birth to a business leader who is still active in our scene to this day.

The former D.D.C. emcee “Samp” is now more well known by his real name, Jeff Adams, who founded 2:20 Entertainment where he works with Group1Crew, Rhema Soul, and many more.

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Written by Timothy J. Trudeau

Timothy J. Trudeau began his professional journey in the music business in 1997. Since then, he’s produced for GRAMMY-awarded artists, designed Stellar-nominated artwork, ran a label with Dove-nominated artists, and started a distribution company with clients who’ve won all three.

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