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Temperamento – Mensaje Para El Mundo



The World is Ending , We Are poisining ourselves,
Even The Supermarkets are Contaminating us,
our Children are Messing themselves up with This Television,
They come out To The Streets to Kill Play,
Nobody is praying no more, Everyone is Sinning, Couples
Want love but Dont want to get Married, look at whats Happening,
in the Night and in The Day , Withccraft, Voodo all full of junk,
most of you saw me living that incorrect lifestyle, where my own words
would close doors on me, im aware of the suffering in our ghettos, but
happy are those who dont die for Money, i prefer, To look for Christ
to not die in Shame cause hes got the answer for all of my problems,
And yours , Everyone wants to be number one, but like my Lord there is no one ,
im sure , that most of you want to change, but the mind is different once you start to think,
we have to Accept, that all of this is Informacion, but Worth are the things that Fills up The Heart

The World is Ending, Even Tha Haitans where Screaming out to Christ when the Earth was Shaking,
im amazed, in the way we are living , for Real, no of us should be alive, our mothers, crying everytime
we leave , were sinning even in the way We dress, some are in prison, while this one sleeps with that one,
And the kids asking “when my daddy coming home”, The New Era, the Connection of Most, Computers that Disconnect
you from The Holy Spirit, Think about that?, before getting involved in a Trend, cause none of that is worth it
when our time comes, Rumors, alot of people get in between others problems but get mad when others talk about theirs,
there is no respect, Parents dont know how love, if something happens they wanna Drink up all their problems,
we gotta accept , that all of that is Deception , but worth are the things that Fill up the heart

The World is Ending , Remmember when you was young and they abused you?, then you started to grow , you found a talent
your desires grew, you didn’t waste no time, you started to Sing, the people accepted you, you stole the Show and
the devil Trapped you, Alot of people ask me if it’s Illuminaty, but is different when the devil is in your body,
When you want to be Famous with the World in your hands, thats not of Christ, thats things of the devil, it doesn’t
matter the Category, is a Spiritual battle of the last days, Rapper against Rapper the sex drugs and money we have our Children
caught up in this mess when are we going to CHANGE! alot of people want to change , but the mind is different
once you start to think we have to Accept, that all of this isTemptation, but Worth are the things that Fills up The Heart


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