Jahaziel Filming Video for an “Internet Safety Campaign”

In the era of internet access there are many pitfalls one may fall into. The internet is filled with scams that damage finances. Pornography is available to give people the opportunity to damage their marriage. Bogus information circulates around the web leaving vulnerable humans believing a lie. In this technological world we need to have accountability and we need to learn how to filter the enormous amount of material being posted online. Jahaziel, a successful Hip-Hop artist signed to Xist music, recognizes the problems the internet can spark if used to do so. He has shared his battle against inappropriate content on the internet and has taken a stand to help others fight pornography. The transparent emcee said he is filming a video for an “internet safety” campaign. Be on the lookout for that, it is definitely something that is needed. All the Details have yet to be released. Stay tuned to Rapzilla.com for more info.

Watch Jahaziel speak more about his battle with internet pornography in our interview with him at Flavor Fest 2011 here.


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