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DJ Official New Album Feature Hint?


In late 2009, legendary Christian Hip Hop spinner DJ Official released ‘Entermission’, his first album under the Reach Records label featuring more than a dozen of our finest artists in a series of groundbreaking compilations. Well, it appears ‘Fish has been back in the lab working on more heat for the masses.

Yesterday, an instagram picture showing a text conversation between him and Braille reveals that we can expect to see a feature from himself or Humble Beast’s Beautiful Eulogy crew. He also talks about mastering a record from an artist named “Jason”. Knowing that Propaganda’s government name is Jason Petty, it seems that we can expect Propaganda’s ‘Excellent’ record in the near future! Stay tuned for more details on that very soon.

Check out the picture of the text message:

With this exciting news, who would you like to see featured on DJ Official’s new album?


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