The cover and tracklisting for Godchaserz Entertainment recording artist Brinson’s 3rd studio album No Other Hereos, set to release September 2012.

1. Chase God (Produced by Juice2020)
2. 3D Stand Out Feat. Jai (Produced by Smizzy)
3. Hit The Floor (Produced by Tha Bakazmen)
4. Gold Feat. Chris Searcy (Produced by Smizzy)
5. Not To Far Feat. Niki Dawson, Rossi (Produced by Tha Bakazmen)
6. No Name Feat. Cstraight (Produced by Juice2020)
7. All The Way Feat. Champ (Produced by Smizzy)
8. Nobody Feat. ReadyWriter, Martay (Produced by The Upgradaz)
9. Bodyguard (Produced by TyShane/808 & Elite)
10. Last Time Feat. Uncle Reece (Produced by Tha Bakazmen)
11. Shoulda Toldem (Produced by GROC)
12. Most Importantly
13. I Am Yours (Produced by Big Juice)
14. Bonus Tracks: Tebowin’ A Hip Hop Tribute to Tim Tebow (Produced by Clife)