Album Listening Session: Zae Da Blacksmith ‘The Mosaic Mixtape’

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1. Halo (Feat. Average Joe)
2. Formal Introduction (Feat. Average Joe)
3. Christcentric’s Drop
4. God the Creator (Feat. Melissa T.)
5. Espanglish (Feat. Righteouz Knight)
6. The Holy Scrpitures (Feat. Kevin DeYoung)
7. Tim’s Drop
8. Magnificent (Feat. Average Joe, Timothy Brindle, & Stephen the Levite)
9. Don’t Call It a Mixtape!
10. Virtuous Sister (Feat. Nancy Leigh DeMoss)
11. Monielle’s Drop
12. Excellent Wife (Feat. Nancy Leigh DeMoss)
13. Reminiscing
14. Brand New Man (Feat. Evangel)
15. Believin’ Stephen’s Drop
16. Behold the Lamb (Feat. Al Pino)
17. Mac the Doulos’ Drop
18. Pick Up the Pieces
19. Restore my Soul
20. Shai Linne’s Drop
21. Christ’s Love (Feat. Timothy Brindle)


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