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10 “Under the Radar” Albums of 2012

10 “Under the Radar” Albums of 2012

Is it ever too early to compile an “albums of the year” candidates list? Of course not! 2012 has already been a memorable year for Christian Hip Hop, and the second half only promises to get better. There are some clearly obvious candidates in the mix for best project so far (Lecrae, Beautiful Eulogy, Swoope, Wit & Dre Murray), but I prefer to focus on some of the more under-appreciated albums that may not make our top 5 or top 10 list when the year is over. So here are 10 projects that may not make my final 2012 list but were definitely noteworthy:

10. Consistency: R4 by Viktory

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Viktory has always been one of the more underrated rappers in the game. One thing always distinguishes him from others: consistency. With R4, Vik delivers more consistent production, solid flow and some great features. Not to mention that the title track “R4” is one of the anthems for 2012. Viktory proves again that there it’s not a good idea to sleep on his consistency.


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