1. People with different theologies collide and unite for one purpose:
Artists like shai linne and Rhema Soul can both enjoy fellowship at Flavor Fest. Pastor Rick Warren and Pastor Eric Mason have both been speakers at the conference. Flavor Fest doesn’t have a double standard and promote one type of artist over the other. This may be a taboo analysis but those with Calvinist content meet face to face with those who have Arminian content in their music. That’s rare in most events. Christian Hip-Hop is a beautiful melting pot and without the Fest we would probably never see its true potential on a consistent basis.

2. Fellowship:
Flavor Fest gets an A+ for fellowship. Artist, pastors, missionaries, and business leaders from all across the globe meet in one area and sharpen each other through spiritual workshops, down time and networking. You will meet new people and form lifetime friendships. It’s a three day conference where most will be at the same hotel and eating at the same restaurants and going to the same concerts and workshops. Of course you’re going to experience getting to know some awesome people. Who knows, you might meet your spouse.

3. 2nd Annual Rapzilla.com Beat Battle:
This is where some of your favorite producers in Christian Hip-Hop go head to head in a battle to see who is bringing the heat. In 2011 heavy hitters such as J.R., Wit, Tee Wyla, Theory Hazit, Courtland Urbano, Sicily (2011 winner) and several others contributed to the very first Rapzilla.com Beat Battle. Who knows which producers will step into the ring this year, but this is guaranteed to be the main event at Flavor Fest 2012. Sicily took home the title last year. Will she repeat?

4. You get to see Christian Hip-Hop legends live:
Three artists that are considered legends in Christian Hip Hop will be performing this year: Da’ T.R.U.T.H, The Ambassador, and Phanatik. These artists are trailblazers in our genre and are a large reason why many of your favorite artists are where they are.

5. Jin:
Jin is a BET 106 and Park Freestyle Friday Legend. He was once signed to major record label Ruff Ryders along with DMX and The Lox. Now he is walking out his faith in Christ and using his gift to cultivate purpose in the lives of others. Now you get a chance to see Jin perform live and share his story of transformation. He also has a song with Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and The Ambassador on the upcoming Xist compilation ‘MOVE Vol. 1’ so we might get to see a never before performance with all three emcee’s on the same stage.

6. Artist from every region will be at Flavor Fest:
You will get to hear the musical sound of almost every style of Hip-Hop. If you like the east coast vibe you get to watch artist like Jin, Da’ T.R.U.T.H, and The Ambassador. If you have a taste for the Midwest you will be able to enjoy (Viktory, J’son and K-Drama). If you are fond of the commercial South Florida sound you will see Cheno Lyfe and Rawsrvnt. There will be an eclectic group of artist at Flavor Fest 2012.

7. Ministry:
This conference is always centered on Biblical concepts and it has always stayed true to sound doctrine. There will be workshop sessions that speaks about transformation in Christ, leadership and building community. The theme this year is “Lead”. Expect some great teaching and testimonies from speakers like Jin, Pastor Derwin Grey and Brady Goodwin JR. (Phanatik).

8. Experience authentic Hip-Hop culture close up:
When you visit Flavor Fest at Crossover Church you will not just see one of element of Hip-Hop executed. You will see all of the elements in motion. There will be live deejaying, emceeing, freestyling, graffiti art, B-Boy dancing, and cyphers all coming together to create an amazing environment.

9. You get introduced to up and coming artists:
At Flavor Fest you will always see an artist you have never heard of. They allow a roster of unsigned artists to perform at the concerts. This makes things a lot more exciting because you might witness the dawning of a career for a quality artist. Here is the list of unsigned artists: Kelly Kelz, Jerome, AM, Los-1, Big Nick, Eric Cross, Cheno Lyfe, Judah, Ruth Vega, Primisis, Tekulve, Aaron Rodgers, Advocate, Disciple, J-Hunt, Domingo Guyton, Oakbridge, and Second.

10. You will add to your Christian Hip-Hop collection and hear new music:
At the conference you will be able to purchase exclusive products like Christian Hip-Hop CD’s, Magazines and Shirts. One of the perks that make Flavor Fest a little better is you get a copy of their distinguished publication “S.O.U.L Mag”. This is a magazine filled with Christian Hip-Hop news. You will be able to pick up past classic editions as well. Also artists like to debut new records on the Flavor Fest stage. You don’t want to miss that.