New Young Chozen Mixtape ‘Night Light’ Dropping July 20th

This 13 track compilation has two main purposes:
1. To be an outreach tool for the lost party culture.
2. To be an encouragement for those in the “Light” to Shine that light and creatively reach lost souls.

I called this mixtape “Night Light” for several reasons; as children a night light brings us comfort when we are in darkness, and as adults they can help you make it through darkness without breaking something or hurting yourself. Our world right now is obsessed with the “Night Life”, this party culture has taken over everything from fashion to music yet I feel “christian hip hop” is barely scratching the surface. I feel its time that we leave the safety of rapping only for youth Groups and do something about it. We can no longer rely on “bring your unsaved friends to church”. Like true missionaries Its time to be “In the world but not of it”. We need to be the “Night Lights” of a culture that is dying and going to hell.

This is not a “Jesus Heavy” project from a lyrical point of view, but a “Jesus Saturated” project from a heart and intention point of view. If you are a seasoned “christian hip hop conniosseur” you might not like this mixtape, but for reference, I took a Matt 13:13 approach. If you simply wanna have fun with friends and not feed yourself garbage, this is your mixtape. If you want something to play in public high schools where you are not allowed to mention Gods name, this is your mixtape. If you want something to play for your unsaved friends that they wont know is christian in five seconds, this is your mixtape. Lastly, If you want something you could play anywhere at any party, club, event, for any crowd then THIS IS YOUR MIXTAPE.


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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