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Legacy2012: Sola Gratia Workshops


July 26-28 2012

This year’s conference will consist of about 20 workshop tracks, each with 4 two hour workshops. Workshops will be added daily over the next couple weeks.

Creative Skills Track


Poetic Preaching: How to write with effectiveness and excellence

Presented by Jackie Hill
Everyone writes. Whether its letters, raps, or poems. This workshop will teach aspiring writers how to excel in their gifts by learning about literary devices such as metaphors, imagery, puns, etc and how to approach Christian literary art with the same heart teachers should approach sermon writing.

Building a Presence as an Indie Artist

Presented by Viktory
Learn what it takes to make top shelf music and generate income as an independent Christian Hip Hop Artist. Learn about presentation, music and sound development and financial management.

What’s in a Name?

Presented by Phanatik
What’s in a Name? With attacks from almost every side, it seems one of the most prevalent questions swirling around today is this: Have we outgrown the name and concept of Christian Hip Hop? While the name might appear to be expendable for different reasons in different seasons, the concept can never be abandoned. The Bible’s “cultural mandate” along with the “The Great Commission” demand this. Come explore how, from the earliest pages of the Bible, new concepts have always produced nomenclature designed to distinguish God’s innovative ideas. Learn why the concept of “Christian-anything” goes beyond innovation to redemption; and where this redemption takes place, new names, especially “Christian” will likely follow.

How to Build the Right Creative Team

Presented by Wade-O
Lebron James is the greatest basketball player in the world. Yet, he couldn’t win an NBA Championship until he played for the right team. The same logic also holds true for recording artists. Without the right team of Producers, Managers, Artist & Repertoire (A&R), Public Relations and Booking Agents, most artists can’t reach their God-given potential. The right team lets an artist focus on what he/she does best, create music. Join DJ Wade-O as he shares with you how to build the right team around you. Here’s a hint: talent is only about 25% of the equation.

Spiritual Disciplines Track

Sponsored by Moody Bible Institute

Fighting Sin with the Gospel of Grace

Presented by Mark Bergin
Christians know that a life with Christ means victory over sin. But we so easily forget that the victory is already won. We are prone to spend our lives fighting a losing battle as we seek to defeat sin ourselves. The Gospel invites us out of that madness. It invites us to rest in the finished work of Jesus. It invites us to depend solely on him and put no confidence in anything else. It invites us into the terrifying yet liberating wide open fields of grace.

Growing Pains

Presented by J’Son
There are many experiences in this life that most people may never have in common. Some will experience great wealth while others will live in extreme poverty. Some will be known by the masses and others will be known only by a few. Some will live in the freedom of democracy while others live under the hand of oppression. But the one thing that is common to us all whether rich or poor, known or unknown, oppressed or free is the shared experience of pain and suffering. However if we have trusted In Christ we know suffering not simply as pain without purpose but an instrument in the hand of a sovereign God for our growth. In light of this let us examine from scripture a few reason why this sovereign God would allow and even use suffering in the life of the believer.

The Role of Prayer in the Life of a Disciple

Presented by Shai Linne
In Luke, 11:1, we see the disciples observing Jesus in communion with His Father in prayer. Whatever they observed caused one of them to make a request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” In this workshop, Shai Linne will be discussing what the Scriptures teach about the power, privilege and pleasure of private and public prayer.

The Weapons of Our Warfare

Presented by Kevin Zuber
Is the “spiritual warfare” Christians face something “mystical,” “other-worldy,” or even “weird?” Is “spiritual warfare” something only really “powerful / spiritual / special Christians” are called to? Actually, Paul’s description of the “Christian’s armor” indices that all Christians are to use all weapons all the time. In fact, the keys to “spiritual warfare”are basic discipleship training, leaning on the resources of the Spirit and employing the “means of grace” provided by the finished work of Christ. Want to really engage the enemy? It’s not a video game or by being a “spiritual ninja” — it’s basic training with the weapons He provides.

Christ in the Old Testament Track


Messiah: Prophet, Priest & King

Presented by Hazakim
The Messiahship of Jesus, and all that it entails, has been a topic of inquiry, discussion, and debate for two millennia. Just what does it mean to be the “Messiah”, and how can we be sure that Messiah has come? And what guarantee do we have that Messiah will come again? If the Messianic era is to be an epoch of world peace, why don’t we experience this world peace now? And will the Messiah be merely a prophet? Islam would certainly say so. Is the Messiah a King? Judaism would affirm this. But the Messiah as priest? Is this merely a Pauline concept or a truth deeply rooted in Messianic prophecy? These questions, and more, will be answered as we delve into the roles of the Messiah and the pattern of his work as foretold, foreshadowed, and explained in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Christ in Genesis- “The Story of the Coming Savior-King”

Presented by Bobby Scott
When the careful reader allows the Scriptures to unfold the Bible’s storyline, a dazzling truth unfolds before their eyes—Genesis teaches that the Bible will be all about Jesus. Applying a biblical theology of Genesis, this workshop will show you what the disciples on the road to Emmaus failed to do—read the OT Christologically and observe how it unveils the glory of Jesus.

Christ in the Feasts

Presented by Hazakim
How are the Feasts of the Lord directly linked to the ministry & work of Jesus the Messiah? If Jesus completed important aspects of God’s redemptive plan on the Spring Feasts (Passover, First Fruits, and Shavu’ot/Pentecost) , will He leave the Fall Feasts unfulfilled? What implications might these truths have on our understanding of the Old Testament’s relationship to the New and how we view eschatology? These and many more questions will be answered in this thought provoking workshop. Differing opinions expressed during QA will be welcomed.

The Old Testament Witness to the Trinity

Presented by Sam Shamoun
Many Christians operate under the mistaken notion that God’s uni-plurality, or more specifically the Trinity, is a New Testament revelation which finds only implicit support in the Hebrew Scriptures. However, this session will show that such is not the case since there is plenty of evidence that the prophets of Israel knew and proclaimed God’s uni-plurality.

Evangelism & Apologetics Track


Christian Deism

Presented by Decipha
Most of popular Christianity looks more like Deism, most Christians are not even aware that they look like active deists. Understanding who we are and who we are NOT as believers allows our understand of Grace to grow. Deism seeks to put man at the forefront and eventually ex out God.

Homosexuality & The Bible

Presented by Jackie Hill
The issue of homosexuality is one the most controversial topics of our time. “Is it a sin?” ” Is it not?” “Shouldn’t people be able to love who they want?” Etc. This workshop will be presented from the point of view of someone who once walked in a lifestyle of homosexuality and has experienced freedom thru Jesus Christ. We will explore God’s heart concerning homosexuality thru the scriptures and how these truths can change the world around us.

Qualifications for Bold Gospel Proclamation

Presented by David Dye
“You have been given the most amazing gift in salvation! You have been commanded to go and tell this good news to others, but there seems to be a problem. You say, “God must have chosen the wrong person, because when it comes to sharing the gospel I have weak knees, fear, and my voice trembles.” If this sounds like you, guess what. You qualify! You have joined the ranks of Paul, Jeremiah, and Moses, all of whom had extreme difficulty and fear in proclaiming the gospel. Find out how you can go from wobbly knees to a bold herald of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Law & Grace in Light of the Gospel

Presented by Tedashii
With this year’s theme being Sola Gratia, grace alone, let us focus on the law and the gospel. Martin Luther said, “The Law is for the proud and the Gospel for the brokenhearted”. C.H. Spurgeon said, “The Law is the stormy wind which drives souls into the harbor of refuge”. During our time we’ll explore the bible and hopefully have a deeper grasp of our only refuge from pride and brokenness. See you there!

Global Missions Track

Sponsored by Avant

The State of the World: What Is and Is Not Happening in Global Mission

Presented by Bryan Padgett
Did you know approximately 2.5 billion people have not and cannot hear the Gospel today? Did you know that Iran is seeing the largest movement of Muslims to faith in Jesus right now? Did you know there are more Christians in East Asia, Southern Africa and Latin America than the Western World? Did you know that only .002% of all evangelicals in the world are serving as cross-cultural missionaries? In this workshop, we will travel around the globe to see what is and is not happening in different regions and countries, as well as discover ways we can join God in His pursuit of all peoples.

Global Mission and Urban Communities

Presented by Rashard Barnes
According to the Bible, what exactly is God’s mission? Do those living in urban communities have a role in what God is doing around the world? Are only those of a certain economic status or ethnic background expected to be part of His global mission? Should the Urban church send missionaries overseas? In this workshop, we will explore these questions and more as we seek to better understand the role of Urban communities in global mission.

Muslim Objections to the Christian Faith

Presented by Sam Shamoun
Muslims number approximately 1.6 billion world wide and need the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. However, they have objections against our Christian witness which need to be addressed in order to remove all obstacles and hindrances which prevent them from hearing the Good News of God’s love.

Reaching the Nations in Your Neighborhoods

Presented by Clive Craigen
Cross cultural missions across the street or down the road. God has relocated the peoples of the world and they live and work next door and across the street. Come learn how hospitality, teaching English and adopting ethnic restaurants can be effective ways to make disciples of all “nations” without needing a passport, shots, or a plane ticket.

Gospel Track

Sponsored by Gospel Coalition

Introduction to the Gospel Nourished Life

Presented by Scott Lothery
Why do you obey God? What causes you to live for Him? What is it that gives nourishment to your heart so that your heart directs your will to do the Lord’s will? What compels you to live for Christ? This session will present the case for the Gospel as the means by which Christians become more like Jesus Christ through a survey of the New Testament authors views on the topic.

The Gospel

Presented by Scott Lothery
How would you define the Good News of Jesus Christ? What is the Gospel? It seems like that should be the easiest question of all for a Christian to answer. After all, it is the most basic and fundamental message of the Christian faith. Yet, Christians seem to have a hard time answering that question. This session will present a pithy definition of the Gospel with accompanying depth as well as critically interact with several commonly held views of the Gospel.

The Gospel Nourished Process

Presented by Scott Lothery
As a result of the Holy Spirit’s work in them, Christians want to become more like Jesus Christ. Though that desire varies widely, every regenerate person has some measure of an inner compulsion to experience transformation, specifically from the depravity of humanity to the virtue of God. How does that transformation happen exactly? This session will explore the ways in which the Gospel makes Christians more like Jesus Christ.

The Virtue of Jesus Christ

Presented by Scott Lothery
There is no one like Jesus Christ. He is one of a kind and the only one of a kind. Stunningly though, the Christian life is described in the Scriptures as a life of discipleship. That is, the Christian is a disciple who learns from the Master Jesus to become more like the Master. The Gospel is the message the Master uses to achieve that goal. This session will identify specific virtues of Jesus Christ and connect specific Gospel doctrines to the Christian’s cultivation of those specific virtues under the discipleship of Jesus Christ.

Man Up Track

Sponsored by Reach Life

Are We Losing a Generation of Men?

Presented by Anthony Bradley
The session presents the data on the affects of high states of visual activity on the male brain and the moral consequences that lead to depression, hopelessness, sexual addiction, academic under-performance, and the like, as well as strategies for healing and freedom.

Achieving Career Success God’s Way

Presented by Chris Broussard
Chris Broussard of ESPN will share a Biblically-based program for achieving success in today’s society. Through scripture and personal stories and anecdotes from his career as a sportswriter, he will teach how to trust God and keep Christ first in your life while excelling in mainstream America. Attendees will learn what Biblical principles Chris put into practice to help him reach his career goals and how they can do the same.

Epidemic of Porn

Presented by Andy Mineo
The porn industry makes more money per year than every major sport in the US combined. We live in a culture that has been pornafied. The opportunities to immerse oneself in porn has become infinitely possible for all ages through the endless sea of perversion on the internet, in advertising and fashion. This rapidly growing epidemic is not only more accessible than ever, but more accepted than ever in intellectual circles in spite of its staggering effects on marriages, sexual expectations, and even the professional workplace. It is not only a problem in the world, but also in churches, from the leaders to the congregation. So what is the proper response of God’s people in addressing a culture that is in love with sensuality? Especially when most of us are struggling with it ourselves! The discussion will aim to address some of that, offer hope for those in bondage, and help those who have been affected by those they love enslaved to porn.

The Impact of Fatherlessness and the Fatherhood of God

Presented by Eric Mason
This session will seek to engage the pandemic fatherlessness issues of our culture. We will look at how the lack of natural and spiritual fatherhood sends men into places of brokenness that God didn’t intend. However, we will speak of the power of the heavenly Father and the gospel’s transformation of this brokenness in the lives of men.

Missional Community Track

Sponsored by Verge Network

Who is the Last Missionary? Presented by Stephen the Levite
A discussion of the Theological reasoning behind the idea of the church as the Last Missionary and the intertwined applications they have on mission, marriage and church life.

Biblical Counseling in Everyday Relationships

Presented by Timothy Brindle
This would be a practical workshop on how to counsel one another’s hearts by focusing on the heart as “the heart of the matter” and pointing each other to Christ in the gospel. I think some of these basic counseling skills are very helpful, as all of us are NEEDY and equally NEEDED…

E.M.E.R.G.E. Every Man Equipped for Relevant Gospel Engagement

Presented by Doug Logan
The church in every generation is called to bring the Good News of the Kingdom into a spiritual encounter with the aspirations and challenges of that culture where it resides. Every believer is on a mission from God. The culture around us sees the church as weak and irrelevant. As Christians, we have all been sent by God to go into our own city and communities as missionaries. We are to be culturally entrenched and personally involved. We must incarnate Christ’s life in our culture in order to influence a culture that is pagan in every way (John 20:21). In this workshop we will explore the ways that we can missionally engage without compromising or reducing God’s truth into just “cool” ideas.

The Practical “How To’s” of Missional Communities

Presented by Russ Johnson
Our hearts yearn to see the Gospel spread and lives changed. We believe missional communities provide the track… BUT, knowing something and doing it are often two different things. In this track we will discuss the “How To’s” like… How do you develop and multiply disciples and leaders? How do you get every member involved in the mission? How do you begin missional communities in a traditional church – or – transition small groups to missional communities? Together we will explore practical things like these that work towards the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and missional communities in your context.

Bible Engagement Track

Sponsored by Logos Bible Software

Inerrency of Scripture

Presented by KB
This workshop will be addressing some of the most provocative “Why’s” of the christian faith. Why do we believe the bible? Why should we trust the bible? If the bible is exclusively the word of God, how do we know? I hope to examine the attacks on the bible and provide historical and biblical reason for why the bible lives up too its claim; “All scripture is breathed out by God.”

Psalm 8

Presented by Julius Wong Loi Sing
Psalm 8 two refrains “Oh Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth” pack theological and practical, actionable insight that will re-wire the way you function as a transformational leader. Here is an intersection between Theology Proper, Anthropology and Urban Ministry. See for yourself how studying a Psalm in context makes all the difference in how you think, feel and act as a leader that has to work with people.

A Spirituality for the City

Presented by John Fuder
Sustaining a vibrant ministry in the city requires cultivating a balance of loving God and man (Micah 6:8). This workshop focuses on the spiritual life of the urban worker, encouraging a prayerful, passionate walk with the Lord, characterized by holiness, humility, justice and compassion.

The Power of the Word

Presented by Quentin Mumphery and Will Hall
God’s word is essential to live a successful Christian life. This session will teach the importance of having an ongoing relationship with the word of God. We will explore why it is especially vital for those in Kingdom service to have a strong “word life” and explore simple methods for study.

Women’s Track

Sponsored by ParaDime

SisterHood: Moving Beyond Surface Relationships

Presented by Melody Fabien
There seems to be a stigma with female relationships. They sometimes can be complicated or frustrating. The lack of trust and resistance to get close to women can be stemming from a deeper root. God never intended this for His daughters. There is a sisterhood arising, but it will not come without much effort and healing. This workshop will help change your perspective on female relationships, friendships, and how to build a real sisterhood both biblically, practically, and centered in Jesus.

Spiritual Mothering & the Home

Heidi Dye
Whether we are married or single, we are called to make disciples. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the unique opportunity we have as women to be spiritual mothers. We will talk about what it is and what it looks like practically, We will also explore how to use your home as a place of ministry in response to the great commission.

From Mary to Martha

Blair Linne
The world tells us the harder we work, the more successful we will be. Scripture tells us that we become more like Jesus Christ when we rest in His finished work. In this workshop we will consider how to fight the sin of self-righteousness and become women who take delight in sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Sex & Singleness

Donielle Alicea
God created people as sexual beings. When He looked back on all that He created, the Lord said that it was good. Including sex. Since we can conclude that sex is good, this workshop will discuss what the single person’s experiences with sex should be. We will examine the life of Paul, a single person, who has much to say on the topic of sex, holiness and the Gospel.

Artist Track

Sponsored by Rapzilla

Professionalism: The Foundation of Success Presented by Chad Horton
There are more independent record labels and “CEO’s” than ever before. Christian Hip Hop has built a reputation of low quality that it is still trying to shake to this day. There are likely several contributing factors to the low quality of Christian Hip Hop in the past and one that still remains, preventing growth of the genre as a whole – Professionalism.

Biblical Worship 101

Presented by Sam Hart
Have you sensed that worship should be more than a genre of music on a shelf or a time slot during a church service? The Bible offers freedom from the trappings of a narrow understanding of worship.

Biblical Entrepreneurship

Presented by Tim Trudeau
Christians look to the Bible for answers on baptism, salvation, marriage, and other spiritual things… however when it comes to business Christians tend to look elsewhere. Why is that? Does the bible have anything to say about how to conduct business?

Lies Hip Hop Told Me

Presented by Cole Brown
Hip Hop has a profound influence on what millions of us think, value, and do. This influence is simultaneously life-giving and life-destroying. In Lies Hip Hop Told Me we will examine how Christians should interact with Hip Hop music an culture. What can we receive? What must we reject? And what might we redeem?

Word of God Track

Sponsored by Streetlights Audio Bible

Knowing Your History: God’s Word & It’s Divine Origins

Presented by Boogalu of Alert
With society’s increasing negative view of the Bible as a flawed and unauthoratative historical book- it is pivotal as Christian’s that we know the Bible’s rich, perfect and divine origins. This track is a synopsis on how God formed His Word through people and how crucial it is to know the canon’s history when engaging an increasingly unchurched society.

Solid Deo Gloria! The Reformation and its Passion for the Gospel

Presented by Eric Rivera
The zeal that Reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and the Puritans had for the Gospel cannot be forgotten. This workshop traces the story of the Reformation exploring the key theological convictions of the Reformers that led to this epic rediscovery of the Gospel. As believers seeking to understand our Church History, we’ll consider this legacy and what it means for us who follow in their footsteps 500 years later.

Communicating God’s Word: Standing on the Authority of Scripture in a Ticklish Age

Presented by Bryant Rueda
In the past decade or so we’ve had front row seats to a movement of “emerging” views on God’s truth. “What’s true for you isn’t true for me”. “All roads lead to God and heaven”. The statements go on and on. Is it essential to the believer in Christ to believe in the Authority of the Bible? Learn what the Scripture claims about itself and how to determine what tickles and what is true.

Communicating God’s Word: The Art of Communication in a Tech Driven- 5 Sense Society

Presented by Moral One of Alert
Its hard to admit but things aren’t like they used to be. The 21st Century student process’ thought and information with all 5 senses. So what does that mean to us as communicators of God’s Truth? How do we communicate? What do we use? How do we use it? Is anything off limits? From the Printing Press to Rock Music to YouTube & Twitter- language, technology and communication may change, but God’s Word and Humankind’s 5 senses don’t. We’ll discuss the methods and tools that past, present and future communicators have used to present God’s Truth and how those can help us as frontline communicators today.

Compassion Track

Sponsored by Children’s Hunger Fund

Living Missionally in the City

Presented by Thi’sl Depending on who you ask and what background of Christian belief those persons come from the words missions, missionary and missional may be defined a little different. One thing that is for certain though is as Christians we are called to live “life on mission” right where we are. Your school, your job, your neighborhood, your city is all a mission field that God has laid before you. The question is, “How do we go about living that life?”

Poverty and the Urban Minister

Presented by Mike Busch
The urban poor face some of the greatest challenges in our society on a daily basis, which makes ministering among them full of great challenges and opportunities. Generational poverty, broken families, limited economic opportunities, inadequate and insecure housing, poor services, substandard education, and violence all have a cumulative and crippling effect on the urban poor. This workshop will examine the root of poverty from a Biblical and theological perspective while providing practical, biblical instruction on ministering among the urban poor.

The Gospel in the City

Presented by Nick Rakochy
What does the Gospel look like in the city? The mission of the church is to see people become disciples under the authority of Jesus Christ, but how does this happen? This workshop will look why the Gospel must be primary, obstacles to effective proclamation, and how this translates into life and ministry in the city.

Urban Mission

Mike Busch
With its unique and multifaceted dimensions, urban mission is a challenging environment for churches. In this setting, community needs and ministry calling are easily confused and distorted. The goal of this workshop is to encourage those involved in urban ministry to live in light of the unchanging mission of the church while being faithful disciples of Jesus in an urban context.

Rebuilding the Church for The City Track

Sponsored by Rebuild Initiative

Rebuilding a Discipleship culture in the local church

Presented by Dhati Lewis & Damon Horton
We are in a new day, but still struggling with old problems. Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…pray to the Lord of the harvest for laborers.” With growing urbanization in the United States, we need to prepare leaders for the next generation. It will look like something we have yet to see. Come learn how to recapture discipleship in the local church.

Rebuilding a Discipleship culture through the local church

Presented by Dhati Lewis
We seek to multiply indigenous urban leaders with the gospel through the local church. Come learn as we continue to teach on proven discipleship practices that will help you recapture discipleship in the local church.

Rebuilding Gospel Centered Churches

Presented by Kenny Petty
Jesus said, “On this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” That rock is the confession that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.” What does it mean to build His church on that foundation? Come explore with us as we look at the basic tenets of a gospel-centered church.

Rebuilding a Discipleship culture that loves God with all their Mind but leads to Mission

John Onwuchekwa
The great commandment calls us to love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. The problem is many of us struggle with demonstrating the power of God in both Life and Lip. Come learn basic principles that will help you develop a discipleship culture that teaches people to take what they learn in the classroom to their daily lives on the corners.

Rebuilding the Family in The City Track

Sponsored by Rebuild Initiative

Rebuilding Discipleship in the Family

Presented by Damon & Elicia Horton
Our cities need healthy churches yet the church’s health is dependent on the healthy its families. If we want to see the Gospel transform our cities it must first transform our families! During our time together we will define “discipleship”, provide clarity regarding the biblical roles for husbands, wives, and children, and expose you to ideal take aways you can put into immediate practice.

Rebuilding Healthy Marriages: Establishing Gospel Centered Marriages

Presented by Damon & Elicia Horton
The perfect illustration of the Gospel in action is a Gospel-centered marriage. Real talk, marriage is under attack and Pastors and Wives need not to shy away from fighting for this wonderful institution that our God has established for His glory! During our time together we will focus on what it looks like to; have healthy communication, safeguard the marriage bed from sin, and partnering with your spouse for life-long ministry.

Rebuilding Healthy Marriages: Learn How to Communicate Love to Your Spouse

Presented by James & Natarsha Roberson
Saying, “I love you” to a man must include daily respect. Saying, “I love you” to a woman has to include a lifestyle of tenderness to that woman. Learn tools to allow God to transform your marriage, through implementing the basic principle of Love & Respect given in Ephesians 5:33.

Rebuilding Parenting: Learn Gospel Centered Principles for Parenting

Presented by Dhati & Angela Lewis
“A family is, without doubt, the most effective vehicle to produce the kind of people who can move confidently into the adult world and have a redemptive impact on their culture.” (Tim Kimmel) Join us as we explore gospel-centered parenting principles with which we can guide our families into the next generation.

Legacy2012: Sola Gratia Schedule


Wednesday (July 25)

7:00pm Early Registration

8:00pm Praise & Prayer in the Plaza led by Dee Wilson

Thursday (July 26)

7:00am Conference Registration

9:00am General Session.
Worship by Aaron Ivey
Message by Brian Dye & Kareem Manuel
(Luke 1:1-4: Grace Through the Eyes of Luke)

10:20am Workshop Track Part I

12:15pm Lunch & Concert in the Plaza ($5 lunch available for purchase at Moody)
Concert featuring Alert & Propaganda

2:15pm Workshop Track Part II

4:15pm Dinner Break (On own)

6:30pm General Session.
Worship by Aaron Ivey
Message by John Perkins
(Luke 15:11-32: Grace Through the Eyes of the Younger Son)

9:00pm Late Night Options

LampMode Concert featuring Hazakim, J’Son, Shai Linne, S.O., Stephen the Levite, Timothy Brindle
Evangelism: Go in groups around the area of Moody to share the Gospel
Spoken Word Cafe: Spoken word, in a relaxed cafe atmosphere.

Friday (July 27)

9:00am General Session.
Worship by Aaron Ivey
Message by Alex Montoya
(Luke 15:11-32: Grace Through the Eyes of the Older Son)

10:20am Workshop Track Part III

12:15pm Lunch & Concert in the Plaza ($5 lunch available for purchase at Moody)
Beast Mode Concert featuring Decipha, Caine, and Kareem Manuel

2:15pm Workshop Track Part IV

4:15pm Dinner (On own)

6:30pm General Session.
Worship by Aaron Ivey
Message by Matt Chandler
(Luke 15:11-32: Grace Through the Eyes of the Father)

9:00pm Late Night Options

Wade-O Radio Concert: Andy Mineo, KB, Pro, Tedashii, Thi’sl
Evangelism: Go in groups around the area of Moody to share the Gospel
Spoken Word Cafe: Spoken word, in a relaxed cafe atmosphere.

Saturday (July 28)

10:00am Praise & Prayer in the Plaza led by Dee Wilson

11:00am Neighborhood Outreach (Location to be determined)

*Outreach in a neighborhood of Chicago consisting of concerts, community clean up, food, basketball tournament, kid carnival games, etc. Carpools and shuttles will be available for those without vehicles. Concludes at 8:00pm.

Legacy2012: Sola Gratia Registration


July 26-28 2012

The first day of registration is April 9th ($40).
Early bird Registration is April 10th – May 20th ($55)
Late Registration is May 21 – July 23rd ($65).
Door Registration ($75).

Group Rates

The first person that registers pays the normal price. Each additional person in the group (of two or more) gets $10 off. Bring up to 20 friends for the discounted rate! Group discounts can only be taken advantage of online.

Cancellation Policy

*There will be a 10% service charge to cancel registrations. Although, you can exchange your registration for someone else at no charge. There can be no dorm room and food package refunds after Tuesday, July 19. Simply send us an email at with your request.

Legacy2012: Sola Gratia Location

Moody Bible Institute

820 N. LaSalle Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60610

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