AllHipHop says Gravity will be a welcome addition to “Top 10″ lists when 2012 comes to a close.

On July 18th, Lecrae had an album listening session for ‘Gravity’ with a few media outlets in NYC. describes the album:

Gravity begins with an influx of instruments like violin, drums, guitars, as Lecrae rapidly spits lines like “I’ve seen more trials than Cochran,” that immediately grabs your attention. This was a good sign of what was to come from the rest of Gravity’s material, and it surely did not disappoint.

“I want to walk with Jesus but my legs too heavy,” Lecrae raps on “Walk With Me” which also features Novel. “They say change coming but it’s feeling like forever.”

“Confessions” played and told the common story about money not always making people happy. “They don’t believe in karma/ they just believe in commas,” he raps. Lecrae’s song for the ladies, “Buttons,” was next and was followed by one of the hardest sounding beats on the album, “I Know.”

For Gravity Lecrae worked with both the Heat Academy and The Watchmen among others; however, his relationship with these two producing teams has resulted in some of his most powerful songs, so it was great to hear their presence on the new album. Although not one to let his long-standing producers have all the fun, Lecrae made sure that other producers were heard and felt as well, and that’s where DJ Khalil comes in.

Khalil produced “Mayday,” one of the album’s standout records, which also features Big K.R.I.T. The song was easily one of the most organic sounding tracks on Gravity, and featured a beautiful melody and hook sung by Ashton Jones from “American Idol”.

“Violence” was a personal favorite, and also one of the most energetic songs that was played. The caribbean-esque record was produced by Tyshan, and finds Lecrae spitting one of his most powerful lines: “Grew up under Tupac, bible verse and two glocks.”

Overall, it appears that Lecrae is ready to offer one of his most broad and, dare-we-say, mainstream albums in terms of sound; yet, it still manages to capture the trueness of what he has always stood for and rapped about. If anything, Gravity is a giant step forward for his expanding career, and it will surely be a welcome addition to many “Top 10″ lists when 2012 comes to a close.

Lecrae also had a recent interview with where he talked about his collaboration with Big K.R.I.T..

You do a lot of collaborations, most notable is the one with Big K.R.I.T. How was it working with him? K.R.I.T., man. Before we started making music, he reached out to say he respects what I do and appreciates me. That said a lot. Outside of that, his honesty and transparency marks him. He’s not afraid to say he doesn’t have it all together, that he may be confused about some things, that he may be conflicted. I think that’s the average, normal person, and that’s what people enjoy about him.

Watch AllHipHop’s full interview after the listening session below:


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