Alex Faith Joins Swoope and Christon Gray on Collision Records

“We are EXCITED to announce the addition of Alex Faith to the Collision Records Family.

Born and raised in East Atlanta’s historic Cabbage Town neighborhood, Alex is a southern bred, blue collar emcee. The term “breath of fresh air” has been used over and over again to describe a lot of stale music to get attention these days, but FINALLY the phrase has a rightful use when used to describe Alex’s music. Writing with his southern roots planted deeply into his love for hip-hop, Alex aims to capture casual listeners and music lovers alike with vivid imagery and raw honesty.

Four years ago he crashed landed onto the scene being featured on Sho Baraka’s “Barakology” mixtape and has since been featured on the critically acclaimed “WLAK (We Live As Kings)” from Swoope’s Wake Up album as well as a guest spot on Wit & Dre Murray’s Hell’s Paradise 2. Now Alex is poised to capitalize on the success and acclaim he’s garnered from features with his own offering of music birthed in the south and raised on authenticity and gritty realism. While he holds his faith high, don’t expect to hear songs that are sermons and scripture recitations. Alex embraces his faith while still transparently rhyming about his struggles with belief, social issues, loved ones, poverty and more.”

Download “Runways” ft. Suzy Rock & “Have It All” for free.

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Written by Steven

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