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KB ‘Weight & Glory’ Tracklisting Revealed + Producers

KB’s debut album ‘Weight & Glory’ is releasing through Reach Records July 17! Available for pre-order now at merchline.com/reach or on iTunes. We got the tracklisting for you below.

We have developed a pattern, a lifestyle that begins with a beautiful conversion and snowballs into a cyclical and sickening pattern. A complacent, idolatrous, lukewarm faith is more common than a radical, love-drunk soldier that has been set on fire. We fear the judgment of men. We lack the boldness to expose heresy. We are quick to lose hope. We are easily distracted.

Will the Lord give us a second chance? Is it possible to have hope when all seems hopeless? Can we fight against the idols in our hearts? Can we survive ridicule? Let the church say yes, and amen. We have nothing to fear, not death, not man, not sin. We serve the one true God who offers forgiveness, redemption, and the renewal of mercies every morning. So what is there for us to do? Zone out and let our faith muscle be strengthened by the weight of God’s glory.

KB’s second album, Weight and Glory is centered on this truth. If what we know about God is true, then our only job is to increase in our faith and live for His glory. So the only way to start this album is with “Weight Music” a beautiful ballad wrapped in hard-hitting truth. Truth about the real meaning of life: knowing God. KB and Suzy Rock say “Hello”to new mornings and new mercies. The song speaks about our freedom to let go of guilt because of God’s grace, which he supplies with each new day. “Church Clap” featuring Lecrae exposes the church that is intoxicated with itself. KB encourages churches to sober up and praise true conversion rather than “weak sermons”. The tension continues to build with “Tear it Down”, a rally cry for these authentic converts to fight against whatever exalts itself against the Lord. Jasmine LeShea offers her voice and story in “Heart Song”, a sweet psalm about remaining faithful when everyone is hopeless. KB teams up with Swoope, Trip Lee and Jai in “Open Letter” to address real struggles, uncensored, uncut, and undergone by Christians everywhere. We still walk away from this album with some good ole’ Reach Records, head banging anthems from powerful collaborations with Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Flame, Andy Mineo, J. Paul, and countless others. This album offers an eclectic blending of worship music with the aggression and energy of hip-hop. There is a balanced combination of powerful vocals and finger-snapping beats. Production from Joseph Prielozny, Andre Atkinson, Alex Medina, Dirty Rice, and Black Knight create a dynamic atmosphere that is conducive for both self-reflection, and going off for the Lord.

If God is for us than who can be against us? Let go of inhibition. Challenge heretical doctrine. Fight against unrighteousness. Our lives are not meant for self-exaltation or self-preservation. Our lives are meant to bend under his Weight & Glory.

1. Weight Music – Produced by Dirty Rice and Coko Korinne.
2. Zone Out feat. Chris Lee Cobbins – Produced by Black Knight of Black Knight Creationz
3. Anomaly – Produced by Andre Atkinson, Mark Mims, and Maurice Tonia
4. Don’t Mean Much feat. Sho Baraka – Produced by Street Symphony
5. Go Off feat. Andy Mineo and Tedashii – Produced by Alex Medina, Co-produced by Geeda
6. Mr. Pretender – Produced by Dirty Rice
7. Open Letter (Battlefield) feat. Swoope, Trip Lee and Jai – Produced by Dirty Rice and Joseph Prielozny
8. Heart Song feat. Jasmine Le’Shea – Produced by Joseph Prielozny and Cheesebeats aka Tha Kracken for LateBloom Productions
9. Angels feat. Flame – Produced by Black Knight of Black Knight Creationz
10. Tear It Down – Produced by Halo for ATP
11. Church Clap feat. Lecrae – Produced by Cheesebeats aka Tha Kracken
12. Hello feat. Suzy Rock – Produced by Alex Medina
13. Here We Go feat. PK Oneday – Produced by PK for PKALLDAY.com
14. Bonus Track: Zone Out (Amped Remix) – Produced by Joseph Prielozny, Co-Produced by Black Knight of Black Knight Creationz and Karac

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