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Gio “El Cypha” ft. Temperamento, Asombroso, Yitziel & Xahtis Y Yavier Luisan (F.E)


Yavier Luisan

While the Pastor preachers my mind gets complicated, With dirty thoughts my Flesh weakends, my Spirit Screams at me and tells me not to do it, The devil in the other side “Hes blood doesn’t pay for it” my Homies Smoke my female friends fornicate, Temptation is everywhere my chest gets tensed, But everywhere Theres a Church i have to stay focus, maintain in your presense i dont want to stay here, have mercy on me when u see me in heaven even though i know im saved i know i can stay behind, where i live is bad theres alot of bad people, The hood is hot the streets are calling me, I promise you Jesus Christ i dont want the fame all i want is for you in heaven to save me a Bed, Hope to see you soon , Sincerly Yavier in the name of The father the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen!.


I’m back In the studio doing what I know/ Giving glory to my father because he gave me the power/ To do what I do I undo all evil/ Got good news for you know my life is non-fiction/ Is the start of a new beginning a new chapter/ A redeemed life by his scriptures/ I stimulate the mind of other with my lyrics/ This is my purpose this is my destiny/ To share his word be a fisherman of souls/ The enemy sweats when I spit just call me the sauna/ Things just got serious he feels the impact/ Got’em in hell in midst of a heart attack/ I exalt the name of my king you know’em/ He gave you life in abundance so you could rejoice/ Then what are you waiting for send’em a request/ What can I tell you about’em simply he’s the best/


You Talk about Biggie, I Talk about Peter, You talk about the streets & I talk About the Gospel, You talk about 2pac, I Talk about about Paul , Makaveli i dont need em im already wise, Im not perfect i broke the law, Im like Clay, But Renewed by my King, Hes Blood Spilled for My forgiveness, So i dont know who are you and you to Judge, I thre away the jewerly the earrings and without a doubt, Haters like you i let go like a Knot, God Forgive me for my sins From da Streets to The prison now im Next to You, You forgave Saul, You forgave David, In the Year 2010 You Forgave Me!, And who doesnt believe this go back to the Word and Remmember that my God loves us All.


20 yrs of a cristian life nd wit the same actitude, wit no fruit no love, tell me were is the vertude, wen they pray, all of them scream wit a stand, the spirit they can’t expand, this way they demand? Preserve, prosper, meditate revenge don’t take cuz his power will def. Capacitate, if they weakened u don’t get mad, hasitate get glad, nd see if u can fall in love, of Yahweh nd yahshua nd his 2 commandments wit no love there is no birth even less no growth the excuser never has a real commitment he can’t love his not loyal he dosent meditate, Wat u don’t understand the porpuse of his death Christ gave so u can be a believer.


Desert Storm in this im going in, i never went too far Christ has be aware, The center of my life Christ has always been , thats why my life he has converted, A New Man my Father has transformed me , I dont look for the streets and i no longer love it, i dont hang with guns no more i just roll with my Bible, I let go the husstle now i talk bout my life, i stand in the corner and dont tell more lies, Now i know Christ is The Only Way.


Im Dying 2 Live, while this cold world is living to die// You grippin the 9, but the devil got the 5th to ya spine// Im feline alive, I surrendered all my pain to the Christ// He’s changing my life, brand new, im paid with a price// Im torturing micas, sweatin’ bullets every time that I write// This pen ignites when the ink bleeds between the lines// Im feeding ya mind, with the food that needs to be fed// Decapitatin any beat when its off of the head// Your flirting with death, but he’s callin all men to repent// Fallin short is no excuse to be pleasing the flesh// take it from me, I was bugging and addicted too sex// surfing the net, slept with a girl, then did it again// indulging in sin, till the Lord came and snatched me away// Was passing away till I went and accepted His grace// seeking his face, wont stop till the day he returns// the wicked will burn, make way for new heaven and earth// he’s given u worth, but the devil trynna ruin your plan// your fliippin your grams, but Yeshua was pierced through His hands// Im repine the lamb, high priest, the lion of Judah//
Omnipotent ruler, Emmanuel, lets call em Yeshua//


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