Many times in mainstream hip-hop drugs, violence, and sex are promoted as objects to be treasured and lived for. However, almost anyone who has truly lived a life full of gang and drug activity will admit that if they had the choice they would opt for a life of stability and hope over the day-to-day jungle fight for survival that the street life brings. In his upcoming album release and autobiography, Free From The Trap, Thi’sl offers a message of hope and grace to people of all walks of life. In these works Thi’sl shares the story of his transformation from a drug dealer and gang leader in St. Louis to a Christian who has found solace in the Gospel.

Though Thi’sl is consistently gaining fans and mainstream support for his 2011 release of Beautiful Monster, which debuted No. 4 on the iTunes hip-hop charts, he is more than ready to deliver this inside look into his life through the Free From The Trap album and book. Musically the LP will be something that Thi’sl’s fans are sure to appreciate as it will include some major anthem tracks along with some trap music and R&B tracks produced by the likes of Street Symphony (“Radio On Drugs,” “It’s Not About Me,” Lecrae’s “Cold World”) and Heat Academy (Lecrae’s “Co-Sign”). “As far as the autobiography is concerned,” Thi’sl states, “I’ve been working on it for a while now and it’s been a real journey for me. I am sharing as much as I can without sending myself to jail,” he jokes. “This autobiography presents a piece of me along paired with a soundtrack which will be found in the album.”

Full Ride Music Group plans to release the deluxe package of Free From the Trap, which includes both Thi’sl’s autobiography and album, November 20, 2012. As both pieces of the project are a reflection of Thi’sl’s gratitude for a life beyond the “trap” and with Christ, it seems the Thanksgiving week release is more than fitting. Other upcoming Full Ride releases include Pastor AD3’s new single, “Classic” featuring Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and two new music videos from Reconcile.