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C-Micah “Father” ft. J. Carter

C-Micah “Father” ft. J. Carter

The first single from Deliverance, set to release July 24, 2012 on About Face Music Group.

1.No Applause
2. Fast & Pray
3. I’m Healed
4. I Can (feat. Stef.n.e)
5. Never Leave (feat. B. Jackson)
6. Struggling (feat. Sean C. Johnson)
7. Definition: I
8. Let It Go (feat. Supa Mario)
9. He Can Deliver (feat. Apaulsoul)
10. My Everything (feat. Larry Rodgers)
11. Father (feat. J. Carter)
12. Definition: II
13. Hosanna
14. More Than (feat. S.O.C.O.M.)
15. Tha Blood (feat. STLien & Larry Rodgers)
16. Through (feat. Antha Rednote)
17. Worship You (feat. Kristi Pinkham)
18. Finale


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