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Beautiful Eulogy ‘Satellite Kite’ Tracklisting

Beautiful Eulogy ‘Satellite Kite’ Tracklisting

Humble Beast is preparing to release ‘Satellite Kite’, the debut album by Beautiful Eulogy. You probably know who they are now if you didn’t prior to the last few weeks. They were on Lecrae’s ‘Church Clothes’ free project and are one of the stand out tracks on that album, “Misconception.” The group consists of Hip Hop veterans Braille and Odd Thomas, and beat maker formerly known as Xperiment, Courtland Urbano. Check out the tracklisting after the jump.

1. Hello from Portland
2. An Open Letter To Whoever’s Listening
3. Covet
4. Take It Easy ft. Catalina Bellizzi
5. The String That Ties Us
6. Entitlement
7. Anchor ft. Josh Garrels
8. Satellite Kite
9. Wonderful ft. Propaganda
10. Motive 1,2
11. A Bridge Between
12. Surrender ft. Lee Green
13. Beautiful Eulogy

The trio are on their own independent label, Humble Beast which is based in Portland, OR. Beautiful Eulogy is preparing their first group album entitled ‘Satellite Kite’ and I anticipate that it will be one of the stand out albums of the year. Tune in to Rapzilla.com on Tuesday June 5th at 6PM PST. You can pre-order the album on iTunes now!


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