Rawsrvnt teams with 69 Boyz member for “El Shaddai” bass worship record

“Bass Ain’t Dead.” At least that’s the message you get when you talk to Thrill Da Playa. As a member of the multi-platinum secular group 69 Boyz, Thrill helped pen and release Florida bass records like “Tootsee Roll,” “Come On Ride It (The Train),” and even the Grammy-nominated “Space Jam” movie theme.

Now, as a rededicated Christian who is making music for the mainstream market, he’s hoping to revitalize the fun, party-atmosphere his style of hip hop always hoped to foster – just now with a clean, positive edge.

That comes in the form of his recently released Bass Ain’t Dead mixtape and the new single “El Shaddai.”

The track features hip hop worship artist Rawsrvnt using both his pop and regional sensibilities to create one of the most interesting Christian rap songs you’re bound to ever hear.

“I believe ‘El Shaddai’ is gonna have some people worshipping God in a real Florida way,” Eddy “Rawsrvnt” Puyol said.

The two initially connected after Thrill invited Rawsrvnt to come out to his User Friendly album release party and support the positive direction he was moving toward with his new music.

“He came down and we just bonded and clicked automatically,” Thrill said. “He’s been able to help me navigate some things without even preaching or saying it. I just watch his walk and lifestyle and that’s helped me a lot.”

While “El Shaddai” is intended for listeners who are already believers to use in vertical worship of God the Father, Thrill’s other music, like the songs heard on Bass Ain’t Dead, are designed to simply offer a positive form of expression for a mainstream audience.

Thrill said that after his rededication to follow Jesus he was tempted to only create and release for the Christian market.

“I’m thankful for some things I went through because it became very clear to me, almost like His voice was in the room with me, that God was saying ‘If you go over there then who is going to be here [in the secular market]?’”

He said that listening to mainstream radio revealed to him how little programming is dedicated to offering a positive message. By his count it’s less than 30 minutes in a 24 hour day – a number he desperately wants to change and with a method that has the full support of Rawsrvnt.

“I love what Thrill’s doing,” Rawsrvnt said.

Rawsrvnt said that Thrill is uniquely sharing the love of God to the mainstream world the only way he knows how to – by simply being real and staying true to his background and talent base in the world of fun, dance style hip hop.

“I’m not only a fan, but also a friend, and I tell him all the time how important his role is in the Kingdom,” Rawsrvnt said.

“That’s what we’re both in this for – to love God and love people. And our song ‘El Shaddai’ is a way of thanking our Lord for the ways He’s worked in both of our lives.”

El Shaddai” is available on iTunes as a joint release from both Thrill Da Playa’s Responsible Recordings and Rawsrvnt’s Soul Deep Records.

Hear the song here.


Written by Rapzilla

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