Major Benefit Event By Bubba Watson Includes Toby Mac, Trip Lee, Thi’sl and more!

Bubba’s Bash was created to bring an event that would draw those in attendance closer to Christ while bringing awareness and raising funds for a specific cause. In the beginning discussions with 2012 Master’s Golf Tournament winner Bubba Watson and wife Angie, it was stressed that the most important thing to them as a couple is sharing the gospel of their personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whether this be through music, sharing of their personal faith, or the raising of awareness and funds for a specific cause, it will all be used to draw those in attendance and across the world closer to Christ.

The lineup for the benefit includes Toby Mac, Trip Lee, Jeremy Camp, Thi’sl, Jamie Grace, Andy Mineo, Canon, Judah Smith, Pastor AD3, Jonny Diaz, and Reconcile.

In discussions for the first annual Bubba’s Bash, we determined that the funds generated from this event would be utilized to partner with Unreined Ministries and their efforts to build a medical clinic on the 5 acres of land they have purchased in Livayo Kenya. This medical clinic will serve as the third building that will be built on the land in Livayo. Unreined Ministries’ Janelle Taviano raised enough funds to purchase the land in 2010, and since then has installed a well, built a church, and a house for the Simiyu Family. The Simiyu Family (Benson, Dorcas, Gloria, and Rock) will be in attendance at the first annual Bubba’s Bash. The Estimated Cost to build the Medical Clinic in Livayo,Kenya is $58,000.00. If you are unable to attend but still would like to donate to this cause, please feel free to visit

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