Available in stores April 24, 2012.

1. Mainstream (feat. D Maub, T Haddy)
2. Gangstas Love It (feat. Canton Jones)
3. Celebrity (feat. ZG)
4. The Name
5. Alright Alright Alri-ight (feat. Blake)
6. Thought It Was Over (feat. Brian H.)
7. SuperStraight (feat. Jay King)
8. Walkitlikeitalkit
9. Back To The Altar (feat. Sean Simmons, Lil Prophet)
10. Overated (feat. Tjuan)
11. The End (feat. Rawsrvnt, T Haddy)
12. Heaven (feat. Samara)
13. Jesus Piece (feat. T Haddy)
14. On Top Of The World
15. Pimp Cee Swagger (feat. Blake)
16. Perfect Fall
17. Willing To Die For This (feat. Canton Jones)
18. Private Failure (feat. Enlitement)
19. Come As U R (feat. Shad D)