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Viktory ‘R4’ Tracklisting


What is the motivation behind R4 (Relentless 4Ever)?

My goal is to see millions of people laboring and growing in Christ under a single idea: Be who God has called me to be.

I believe that all Christians are born with a Divine Purpose. I believe that operating in that purpose is the key to fulfillment in every area of life. I am convinced that a passionate commitment to purpose is the missing piece in the life of millions of people around the globe, especially young people. Moreover, I believe that the restoration of this missing element is a key to a life of Godly fulfillment.

My perspective originates from the bible. In the book of Philippians 2:13 (NLT) the bible states “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”

In other words, I believe that God creates a desire in your heart to perform an action, and then, sovereignly accompanies that desire with resources needed to accomplish it both physical resources and spiritual resources. This assurance of God handling the desire and resources yields a Godly boldness and confidence that I refer to as “R4”.

I believe that God uses everyday people, like yourself to deliver on this promise of Hope and Salvation to the world.

There is so much more to address. God grace is a form of R4. God is in relentless pursuit of us as well. Much more to come.

1. Intro (Produced by G Roc)
2. Be Relentless (Produced by Marv4MoBeats)
3. Oh Yeah (feat. Trini) (Produced by G Roc)
4. God Over Everything (feat. ZG) (Produced by G Roc)
5. The Fa Realer (feat. Fedel) (Produced by Halo Beats)
6. Do It For The City (feat. Canton Jones & Andy Mineo) (Produced by BShock)
7. Relentless Radio (Interlude)
8. God Is Amazing (feat. ZG & KJ-52) (Produced by G Roc)
9. Light of Life (feat. Cheyenne Sanchez) (Produced by BShock)
10. Unstoppable (feat. T. Haddy & Bizzle) (Produced by BMII, T. Haddy)
11. Mayday (feat. ZG) (Produced by G Roc)
12. Inside Look (feat. Sho Baraka & J.R.) (Produced by G Roc)
13. Broken Promises (feat. Pastor AD3, Dre Murray, Json, Kelly Kelz) (Produced by Wit)
14. Go With Me (feat. Mckenzie Lockhart) (Produced by G Roc)
15. Relentless Radio (What Is R4? – Interlude)
16. Where I Go (Produced by Geeda)
17. U Know What It Is (feat. PRO) (Produced by D-Flow)
18. R4 (Relentless 4Ever) (Produced by Geeda)
19. R4 Remix (feat. R-Swift, Swoope, GI Magus, Vice Vrsa, Jin, Bizzle) (Produced by Geeda)
20. Featured Emcee Contest Cypha (feat. A3) (Produced by Smash Beats)


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